Thomas Corpening

The Bad


Thomas Corpening was born December 27th, 1995 in Hickory North Carolina. As he grew up it was difficult for him to stay out of trouble. His friends were big influences in the decisions he made. He began to grow a tremendously in love with money. Selling drugs became his thing. He was enjoying the live he had began to live, but along with the street life came a lot of controversy, and Thomas endured every bit of it.


Thomas was expelled from school for fighting. This was his 5th fight in two weeks!
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Behind Bars

Thomas was aressted for selling drugs to and undercover cop. He took off running but was eventually caught
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The Boot

His mother was fed up with him and kicked Thomas out of the house.
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After Thomas was kicked out of the house, he started staying at girl friends houses. He ended up getting on of the girls pregnant.
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Thats All She Wrote

Thomas was killed by a rivaly gang member after getting into a fight with the man earlier that day
Future- Truth Gonna Hurt You