Hope Solo

Hope Solo’s Birth and Childhood

Hope Solo loved soccer. The very first time she watched a soccer game her eyes lit up. Just by watching that one tremendous game Hope Solo knew she was going to be a soccer player. But she didn't know she would be a professional goalie.

Hope Solo was born in 1981 in Richland Washington. Her parents are Jeffery and Judy Solo. She also has two brothers named Marcus and Terry Solo along with a tiny bunny named Thumper. From when she was little she has always wanted to play soccer. She didn't know she would become a goalie though. Hope Solo went to watch soccer with her mom at the age of 5 and she loved it so her mom signed her up. Her first team was called the Pink Panthers. Her coach didn't put her in goal so she almost never played in goal. When Hope Solo was 6 her dad was in prison because of drugs. So for this reason her mom and brothers were the only ones left in her family until her dad got out of jail.

Becoming a goalie

Hope Solo Started playing goalie in high school for the Washington Huskies . She was playing forward in high school and scored a total of 109 goals in this position. But besides her being a great forward her team needed a goalie and her coach though she would make a good one, so he put her in goal. When her high school coach was teaching her goalie during her soccer practice she got really good. But her parents also got divorced and it changed everything. It took her a week to finally learn to accept it but she did. In college she got many awards in this position like the NCAA All American Honors Award. Just like high school she was a it and went to try out for the us Olympic team.

Olympic Journeys

In 2008 hope Solo went to the olympics and ended up winning her first gold medal. She won the game 4-2. Hope Solo said it was a hard game but they won. She didn’t stop there. Also in 2012 she won a gold medal. But this time she won 4-3. Hope Solo said that giving up 3 goals is a lot and that she is thankful she was able to save enough goals to win. After she won a second medal Hope went to take her dad to one of her games in NY but because of all of the drugs he has been taking right before the trip her dad died from a heart attack. Hope Solo was devastated. It took her a month to get over her dad’s death but she finally did with the help of her mom and brothers.

Playing Forever

After or than 2 world cups and 2 gold medals Hope Solo doesn't get tired of playing soccer. Hope Solo says she wants to play soccer as long as possible. But since Hope Solo is inactive than 30 she doesn't know how much longer she will play soccer. She will try her very best and continue as goalie but doesn't know if the U.S Women's Soccer Team will keep her. She hopes to be in one more Olympics but her chances aren't likely. She will continue playing soccer until she gets kicked off the team. Hope Solo has loved soccer ever since her mom took her to her first game. And I am sure she will never stop watching and playing soccer.

Recent/Other News

Hope Solo got married a few years ago to Jerramy Stevens. She doesn't know how long it will last though because he got arrested a few weeks ago. Hope Solo was fighting with the police so she is suspended from soccer for a month.She Hopes she can start playing soccer again after her suspension.