December News

From Mrs. Hazelton's Class

Learning Corner:

Math-We continue to work hard on Module 3 which now focuses on dividing, drawing and using various models to show division, interpreting remainders, and using the standard algorithm to solve. We will also be building upon multiplication by adding another step-multiplying by 2-digits. Overall, being able to recall basic facts quickly is extremely important! Please encourage your child to practice math facts daily! Visit -academics-math corner for online math games.

Reading-Our end of Trimester 1 focused on the deep understanding of how characters we read about change, and an overall theme in a realistic fiction text. Building stamina to sustain the reading of engaging books, independently, the whole time is a large emphasis of the workshop. Students should continue that practice from home daily. Please encourage your child to write book titles in their planner as part of their 20 minutes of reading homework.

We are now moving into our nonfiction unit. The students are already excited about this genre! We will be looking closely at non-fiction texts for various text features, structures, and main ideas. Soon we will begin research! Students have learned that besides books, we are surrounded by nonfiction reading! Ask them for examples.

Writing-We have completed our realistic fiction stories! Students should be proud of their hard work to produce their first published piece! We will begin a new unit on writing persuasively. Through group discussions and mentor texts, students should know the difference between fact and opinion, which will support both Reading and Writing workshop. Through our workshop work, students will stretch personal thesis statements (opinions) and become essayists!

Spelling-Continue encouraging the practice of word lists that come home based on your child’s spelling level. is a wonderful, fun way for them to review. Tests are Friday!

Science/SS-We completed our Plants unit with a fun observation of the germination of 2 different beans. Through these observations, we acted as scientists recording and interpreting data! Our current unit is studying Early New York. Knowing how times have changed over many, many years is certainly an interest in this class! They have enjoyed seeing how those lived long ago, and how New York has become what it is today.

Other-We will continue to go outside, weather permitting of course. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately as the cooler weather approaches!

Also, every Monday your child needs his/her recorder for music class. Please help remind your child to bring to school!

Orchestra students should be checking their schedule for lessons each Thursday!

Important Dates:

Dec. 4th-8th-Mrs. Quick’s solo week

Dec. 13th-Winter Concert 7pm

Dec. 14th-Mrs. Quick’s last day

Dec. 15th-Breakfast with Santa

Dec. 21st-Chorus field trip

Dec. 22nd-Holiday class party (more info to come)

Dec. 23rd- Jan 1st-Holiday Recess-NO School

Jan. 2nd-Classes resume

Parent-Teacher Conferences:

Thanks for those who were able to come to conferences to discuss your child’s progress. I truly enjoyed meeting with you and having the opportunity to learn more about your child, discuss their academic and behavioral growth, and set goals for them for the remainder of the year.

Staying connected to school is so important and I appreciate you making the time to sign planners daily, as quick communication for me!

Highlights of the Month

Albany NYS Museum Field Trip

First of all, thank you to all chaperones who were able to come along with us for this experience! This trip would not have been possible without you! With the feedback from the students, the trip was a fun, historical learning experience!

BreakOut EDU (Pictures are above)

Oh, the Places We Went during this fun team building activity! We had to work together as a group using teamwork to solve some 5 clues and unlock 5 locks for a final reveal in a case! We can’t wait to do this again soon!

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