texas empresario


Martin De Leon

Born in 1765- Died 1833

Burgos, Mexico

How he helped Texas

A native of mexico martin De leon was another important Empresario De leon settled 200 Famlies near the gulf coast between the Lavaca and Guadalupe rivers and Fouded the settlement of Victorio Art h of Wavell and Ben Miliam Recived grans in north eastern Texas Haden Edwards also recived a large Grant near Nachadoches but he lost land after leading the French Rebellion. Europeans like James Hewtson and James. Native of Ireland, established colonies around the Nueces River. Thanks to Stephen F Austin, the father of Texas and other


Martín De León, the only Mexican empresarioto found a colony in Texas, was born in 1765 in Burgos, Nuevo Santander (now Tamaulipas), where his parents, Bernardo and María Galván De León, settled after moving from Burgos, Spain. The De Leóns were an aristocratic family of great wealth; members were educated in Madrid, Paris, and London and were acquainted with European rulers.

Interesting Facts

In 1816 he moved to Burgos, in Tamaulipas. In 1823, he drove mules from his ranch to New Orleans. He then chartered and loaded the first seagoing craft to arrive at Matamoras. In 1823 he made known his purpose to establish a colony on the lower Guadalupe, and received authority to locate forty-one families upon any vacant land in that vicinity. His grant was ratified Oct. 6, 1825. In 1829 he obtained a contract to settle one hundred and fifty families within an area of ten leagues from the coast, and complied with that contract, founding the town of Victoria. He died of cholera in 1833. There was some friction between the first settlers and those of DeWitt on account of boundaries.