Kaizen 1% Better Every Day

Shout Outs!

Shout out to all who organized STAAR – so easy!! Thank you to Mary and Penny and Kim H for the bathroom breaks.- Tami

Thank you to my team who make me want to come to work every day!! So blessed! Tami

I would a shout out to my fourth grade team for ALWAYS being so supportive and willing to help out any way they can!! -Heidi

A BIG thank you to Kimberly Blake, Keni Scott, and Meredyth Lund for helping to clean out the refrigerators! ~ Kim Scott

To my amazing team for battling the drizzle, mud, bugs and dead things at the OLC! You ROCKED!!!!-- Laura

Shout out to Meredyth and Carrie for coming in to help while we had three subs in our class on Wednesday! Rachel

Shout out to Ann for holding down the fort with three subs on Wednesday while Dawn and I were testing and April is out of town! Rachel

Shout out to Carrie for helping on the OLC field trip! Rachel

Shout out to Dawn for catching up on data documentation while on STAAR hall monitor duty! Rachel

Kid Wisdom

While handing a third grade student a mechanical pencil, he shook his head and said, "My family is not good with electrical things!"

After the STAAR test a student says, "Thank you for encouraging us to do the STAAR test, but I'm pretty sure that even if you didn't encourage us, I still would've done pretty good!"

Too Busy!!

I apologize for not including any professional articles this! I have been too busy to read Twitter the past 2 weeks!! Isn't that pathetic!?? Apologies, Penny