Five Educational Apps for Android

Created for EDU 210 by Emily Schultz

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ClassDojo is a way to provide students with instant positive feedback and encouragement for good behavior during class. Teachers can select and customize which behaviors are most important, and award students points for demonstrating that skill. Students can create their own accounts, customize their avatar, and review a record of their performance. Parents can also be involved; they can access progress reports and use the app to message the teacher. Teachers can send broadcast reminders to all parents, private messages, photos, and voice notes. ClassDojo can be used on Android tablets and phones, laptops, iPhones, iPads, and SMARTboards.

How can I use this app in the classroom?

Teachers could use ClassDojo for any subject area, though perhaps it would be most suited for younger middle school or elementary level students. A music teacher could use this app to award students points for good behavior such as bringing a pencil, showing up on time, and working hard.

Kahoot! is a game-based learning app that can be used to introduce a subject, assess understanding, and encourage discussion. Kahoot! turns the classroom into a gameshow involving multiplayer educational games. Teachers can sign up at to create, select, and/or play games. Students may also create their own games for classmates to play. Teachers can access game data for all students, including information on what they answer and how fast they respond. This app can work on any device with a web browser--students can join a game at if they do not have an Android device.

How can I use this app in the classroom?

Teachers could use Kahoot! as a way to review new material in class and assess the current level of understanding of each individual student. For example, a music teacher could create a game on Kahoot! as a way to review music theory concepts, history, or Italian terms.

Timeline Eons is a graphic representation of the entire natural and human history, including information on Natural History, World History, U.S. History, Science and Technology, Sports, and Art/Architecture. The app includes a scrollable timeline that includes extensive information on events ranging from the Big Bang to future projections. Users can zoom in on the timeline to view dates and times down to a fraction of a second. The app also includes fun facts with links to more external resources for further exploration. Users can edit the background and text size, create bookmarks, and add events.

How can I use this app in the classroom?

Teachers in any subject area or grade level could use Timeline Eons as a way to contextualize important events or developments and make connections to other areas of history. For example, a music teacher could use Timeline Eons to compare Music History with World History as a way to connect developments in Western Music with related events in politics and world history. Students can also explore the similarities in the philosophy and aesthetics of music and art throughout history as a way to extend their knowledge.

iTooch features more than 1586 activities in reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary that help students learn and practice skills at the 8th Grade level. The app includes a large collection of worksheets and learning solutions to help parents, teachers, and students identify and address learning needs. iTooch also includes a speech synthesis option to help students with reading and text comprehension. Students can access a virtual blackboard and lesson summaries for each of the 49 chapters.

How can I use this app in the classroom?

An English teacher could use iTooch to supplement in-class instruction and provide practice activities for students. A lesson plan could include instruction on grammar followed by an online assignment in the iTooch app.

Revision Quiz Maker allows teachers to create their own quizzes, play quizzes in the classroom, and share quizzes with other users. Quizzes can have unlimited questions, and can feature images, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and matching questions. Students can also use the app to create quizzes for review purposes.

How can I use this app in the classroom?

This app could be used for any subject area or grade level. For example, a music teacher could use the Revision Quiz Maker to create quizzes (or share quizzes created by students) to review music theory or history concepts taught in class.