ipod touch 5

some of the materials and where they came from

Raw materials

A few of the raw materials of an iphone are aluminum from Australia, Tantalum from democratic republic of congo, and lithium from China.

4 categories of globalization

This effects the US economy negatively because in the US there is a lot of unemployment so the jobs in foreign countries could be used in America. Cultural it is bad because the tantalum that is harvested uses child labor in foreign countries. It is bad governmentally because in some places people are being forced to work so those countries don't like the US. It is bad environmentally because a lot of the materials they use are limited and the factories that are built to manufacture these products are polluting the environment.

environmental issue resolved

For the factories we could use more environmentally safe power sources like solar power or the new factories could be built in already populated areas where there are abandoned buildings so we don't destroy more of the environment.


This activity relates to me because almost everything that I use is made in another country and has its own story of how it was painstakingly made surprises i have never thought of this in depth and now I know that almost every product I use has its own story. I chose this product because I used it for a while. This product used to be a part in my daily life because I used to use it as my "smartphone" and i had payed for it with my own money so it was very dear to me.