Tech Talk

January 14 - 18, 2019

Google Short Cuts Every Teacher Needs To Know

ctrl + shift + t will show the last tab that was opened. If you press it 3 times it will display the last 3 tabs.

ctrl + shift + QQ will log you out of the chrome book

ctrl + d will bookmark current page

ctrl + a will select all the information on the page

ctrl + shift + s will begin voice typing

Google Drawings

Let's Get Creative

One of the lesser known Google Apps is Google Drawing. Google Drawing is really powerful and easy to use! Use Google Drawing to make your posters and flyers. Like other Google Docs, Google Drawing is collaborative. This means you do not need to print out your flyer and walk across campus to get it approved. Simply share the Drawing with a colleague and let them make any changes that are needed. Google Drawing is always current. The drawings can be published to a website. Any changes made in the drawing will be updated in the embedded files. Here is a short tutorial to get you started.

FlipGrid Integration Docs

Interested in using FlipGrid, but need some ideas to incorporate in your class? Check out these FlipGrid Integration Docs. There are currently documents to incorporate into ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies for grades PK-12. However, they will soon be adding content for Music & Arts, Physical Education, World Languages, and Professional Development.

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