Weekly Launch

September 25-29

Weekly Reminders/Information

-Don't forget to email or text Jen and Suzi when you are going to be out whether it is a district PD day, sick or personal day.

-Please make sure you post your schedule outside your door by Friday, Sept. 29th. If you have not sent Suzi or I a copy, please do so.

-Bus 86 will continue to be late in the mornings for a while. The bus is picking up a displaced student on Gemini. It has been arriving around 8:12 the last few days. Please allow your students to eat breakfast in the classroom. They will have a disposable tray. This allows them to not miss any instruction.

-Principal book of the month will start in October. Please remember to send home the book with the journal I gave you in August for kids to respond to the story. See below for a sample letter to place in journal.

-We will be sharing out great character ideas twice a month. We are working on a place in It's learning for you to upload your idea or document. Be thinking about what you want to share.

-Helping Hands will be taking things to laminate again on Wednesday. Please have your things labeled with your name. Meredith also asked if you could have a due date on your items. Please be sure to thank her! She did a lot of cutting!!!!!

Important Dates

September 25-C4 starts

2nd Learning progressions-ELA

C4-4th grade

September 26-Jen off campus-am

Dreambox Webinar-4:00-5:30

C4-4th grade

September 27-3rd Learning progression-ELA

Faculty Meeting

Beginners Dreambox Webinar

C4-5th grade

September 28-1st Learning Progressions ELA

Beginners Dreambox Webinar

C4-5th grade

September 29-Alpha 5th grade

Behavior 101

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Effort

Word of the Month-Respect

Morning Announcements-Swick

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Word of the Week-Accurate

Shout out!

A big thanks to Mrs. Chancey, Mrs. Swick and Ms. Joiner for opening up their classrooms for Dr. Ebell's visit. I really appreciate it! He was impressed with NPE of course!

A big shout out for welcoming Rachel Powell into your classrooms to model number talks. She could not say enough good things about our students and teachers! So proud! Also, a big thanks to those who covered classes so our teachers could go learn!

Jeans passes for sale to benefit the CCEF raffle basket! See Renee-$1.00 a pass/$50 max