Historical Background

  • The capital-Seoul
  • Population-51,395,238
  • Continent located on-Asia
  • oceans,river-sea of japan,Yalu, Tumen, yellow sea
  • Map-the map looks round
  • National language-korean

Reasons to live/ visit

  • Landmarks-War memorial of Korea, Lotte world, Yongduson park, National palace museum of Korea, 63 building.
  • What makes the country famous-Crime Reenactments, fast food delivery ,Male makeup, Biggest lego world,longest bridge fountain
  • Natural resources- mIneral, coal, iron
  • Current leader- Kim Jung-un

Roots of imperialism

  • Impacts of imperialism- Koreans have accused Japan of recieving much terrible treatment to Korean people by old japenese government during the war.
  • who imperialized the country- Japan

Road to independence

  • How did it achieve imperialism- it gained freedom from the clutch of Japan
  • When did it achieve independence- August 15,1948
  • Caused countries to divide
  • In 1950 china entered the Korean war

Interesting facts

  • Fastest food delivery
  • Romantic holidays
  • Biggest church
  • eat seweed soup for their birthday