Joe Louis



  • May 13, 1914 in Lafayette Alabama
  • father Munn, Mother Lilly Barrow, stepdad, wife Martha and three children

Education/ Jobs

  • Went to Branson Vocational School in Alabama
  • He work as a cabinet maker and later became a pro boxer

Boxing Awards

  • U.S. Amuteur Athletic Unoin
  • Heavyweight champion for almost 12 years
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Famous Quotation

"Every man's got to figure to get beat sometime."

-Joe Louis


  • Died April 12, 1981 at Las Vegas by a heart attack when he was 64

More Info

  • full name Joseph Louis Barrow
  • Best know from his mathup againist German boxer Max Schmeling
  • Service in WWII
  • nickname ' the brown bomber!
  • Great grandson of a slave
  • Became boxer when moved to detriot

Joe Louis Birthday

Tuesday, May 13th, 4:15pm

Lafayette, AL, United States

La Fayette, AL

100th Birthday!!!!!!!!!
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