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April 2016 Newsletter

Message from the Principal


One of the products of the Compression Planning Event is the creation of a Parent Advisory Council (PAC).

What is PAC?

  1. PAC is a group of parents committed to the success of HomeLink that volunteer between 1 and 2 hours per month meeting with the administrative staff and elected school staff.

  2. PAC meetings will be a structured time where parents work with HomeLink staff to determine and address needs as outlined in our School Improvement Plan.

  3. PAC is an opportunity for families to be connected in decision-making processes through an organized group of parent-elected individuals.

  4. PAC meeting minutes will be kept for each meeting and posted to our webpage for all families to review.

  5. PAC is separate from P.T.O.

Why are we developing a PAC?

A Parent Advisory Council will provide more opportunities for families to participate in decision making. This has emerged as a strong desire among our families.

How do I become a part of PAC?


  1. In order to be able to be considered for PAC, you will need to have a minimum of two years of experience at HomeLink.

  2. You will need to be nominated or self-nominated for PAC (Please send your nominations to tyler.reeser@rsd.edu by the end of the day on Friday, April 15th.)

  3. You will need to be committed to serving for a one-year term.

  4. You will need to be committed to serving the broader community of HomeLink students.

  5. You will need to be accessible to families so that they can share their input for our PAC meetings.

  6. You will need to be accurate in disseminating information after meetings.

  7. You will need to be a team player.

  8. You will need to be open-minded in exploring ideas brought forth by other members within the team.

  9. You will need to be willing to have coffee/tea and potentially donuts with the team J. (Not really a requirement, but I truly enjoy my coffee so it will be a part of the meeting).

What are the next steps?

Anyone interested in being a part of the PAC will need to email a nomination to me. In your self-nomination please explain why you are interested in PAC and comment on your qualifications for the position. If you are nominating someone else, please explain why you believe that person would be a good candidate.

We are planning on having 6 parent positions and 3 staff positions.

Parents will make the ultimate decision by voting for the nominees through a survey. The survey will include a description of why the candidate would like to serve on PAC.

Staff will also nominate and vote on who will be selected as staff representatives for PAC.

The newly elected team will need to willing to commit approximately two hours of volunteer time prior to the end of this school year and be available for the 2016-2017 school year. The meeting time will be TBD until we have a team in place. In order to allow all parents an equal opportunity to participate, I want to ensure that the meeting time isn’t a deterrent. We will be able to sort out those details at a later date.

Enjoy your Spring Break!

Tyler Reeser

SBAC Testing Schedule

It's that time again... WA State Assessment.

Below you will find a link for both the Elementary and Secondary SBAC Assessment Schedule.

I've also included a video explaining how the schedules, lunch, and workshops will run during the weeks of testing.

Important to note! Since testing will be occurring every day - we are offering an elementary lunch schedule even on non-elementary scheduled days. However, we will need you to sign up at the following link in order to ensure proper planning.

Sign up for Additional Elementary Lunch Days

All students who take the SBAC will receive a free HomeLink Movie Night ticket!!

Compression Planning Event Info

We had a great turnout for the planning event. It was great seeing everyone work together to look into some possibilities for upcoming years.

If you were unable to attend the event, and email was sent highlighting the information that was shared during the meeting. Overall, we had a lot of great feedback.

As we move forward with planning, here are some important things to know:

  • We had many great ideas shared during the meeting. We plan on reviewing this information to determine what information can be used as potential action items for Fall of ’16 and what may need to be placed on our future pathway plan.

  • The main goal from this meeting was to establish ways in which we can better serve the needs of our families and as a staff align our goals with those in which our students need.

  • Fall Scheduling- Fall scheduling was not determined at this meeting. I still plan on seeking out input and opinions on potential workshops to offer. If you have ideas that you would like to share, feel free to email those to me so that I can have them ready for when we start planning the master schedule.

The Mercer Girls Play

When: April 13th @ 1pm - Chief Jo Middle School

Tickets are free - but you must sign up at the front desk!

About the Show

On May 16, 1864, the first eleven “Mercer Girls” reached Washington Territory. The women had been recruited by then University of Washington President Asa Shinn Mercer and sailed to the Puget Sound region from the East Coast to work as teachers. The women were full of hope and aspiration, but life in their new city was often difficult. Told primarily through the detailed journal entries of the eldest Mercer Girl, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ordway (who became the first public school teacher in the city), this original musical follows the journey of the Mercer Girls and their experiences.

Your students will travel on an unforgettable journey from Massachusetts to Washington. Enjoy a lively, entertaining musical that tells the story of the women who became the teachers, wives, mothers and grandmothers of the founding families of our region.

Space tends to fill up quickly, so please RSVP as soon as possible to reserve your spot!

Scholastic Book Fair

When: April 13th-14th

Hours: 9am-3pm each day

Medieval History Class

Big image

Mt. Rainier Institute Outdoor School - Fall 2016

A wonderful opportunity for Middle School and up to experience outdoor school science adventure at Mt. Rainier National park. Students and chaperones sleep in historic cabins at Packwood forest. 3days/4nights with all meals included will cost $285 per student or chaperone.

I would be willing to organize late July- October fundraisers to help students interested in going. We are trying to reserve a spot for NOVEMBER. We need to know students and parents who would commit to the program. Students who are going would be enrolled in a Fall semester workshop that would continue the outdoor science classroom lesson plans before and after the adventure at Mt. Rainier Institute Outdoor School.

For a peek at what it is like www.packforest.org/MtRainierInstitute where you can watch videos and see the program! Participating in this program gives hands on application of the scientific method with scientists and helps students blossom socially. We will have an informational meeting in May. Email ruby.ide@rsd.edu giving date/time you would like the meeting to be set for in Mid-May.