State Agency Library News

April, 2021

Inside this Edition...

  • April Special Days Calendar
  • Message from the Librarian / Library Services Infographic
  • 13 Powerful SEL Activities - Edutopia
  • 22 Free Resources for Teaching Social Justice
  • Earth Day Resources
  • Earth Day Read Alouds and activities

Message from the Librarian

I hope everyone is adjusting to our most recent new normal of being back in the buildings. I apologize for not getting this issue out sooner. I, myself, have been getting acclimated to my role as a librarian during this time of change, continuing to try and find ways to best serve you and our students. While library visits and checking out books may not be an option at this time at several of the State Agency Schools, please remember I am here to help in any way that I can. The infographic below highlights some of the services I can provide to you and/or your students.

My schedule is as follows, but because we are not doing scheduled check outs at most places, I can be flexible if you need me.

Monday - Louisville Day (flexible)

Tuesday - Peace Academy (flexible)

Wednesday - Telecommuting

Thursday - HOTI (I have scheduled check outs)

Friday - Brooklawn (flexible)

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13 Powerful SEL Activities

Build social and emotional skills into any class.

22 Free Resources for Teaching Social Justice

Resources for teaching about inclusion, diversity, and equity.

Earth Day - Thursday, April 22nd

With a science background, Earth Day is one of my favorite days! This year's theme is "Restore The Earth" and I'm including in this edition links to some great resources for celebrating Earth Day in the classroom, including this one to

Be sure to check them out!

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Earth Day Read Alouds!

Below are some read alouds that can be used for Earth Day in the classroom. Some are from You Tube, and a couple are read alouds I did with the encouragement of our fearless leader, Heather Moss! After telling her how I HATE hearing my voice on recordings, she simply said "well I just had to get over it" so I did!

I hope you can use them!

HOW TO HELP THE EARTH BY THE LORAX by Tish Rabe-Earth Day Book - Children's books - Read aloud
IT'S EARTH DAY Story For Kids | Earth Day Books for Kids | Children's Books Read Aloud
EARTH DAY EVERY DAY by Lisa Bullard and Xiao Xin-Earth Day Books for kids