Act 3 Scene 2

Kalyn Aggor



Act 3 Scene 2

As the nurse reaches Juliet, Juliet asks the nurse about information on Romeo. The nurse starts to yell about him being dead and doesn't clarify that she's talking about Tybolt and not Romeo. Therefore, Juliet comes up to the conclusion that Romeo is dead. After the nurse clarifies that Romeo killed Tybolt and was banished, she curses Romeo. Juliet revokes the curse. The nurse cannot believe that Juliet is siding with Romeo, the same man who killed her cousin. Juliet replies by saying that Romeo, her husband, being banished is worse than her whole family being killed and becomes confused about her feelings. She decides to remain loyal to her husband doesn't give up on him. The nurse then tells Juliet that she knows where Romeo is and will bring him to her so that they can be together.
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I chose Avril Lavigne's song 'Keep Holding On' because when the nurse curses Romeo, Juliet replies by saying "Blister'd be thy tongue" which basically translates to Juliet hoping that the nurses' curse fails. The nurse wonders why Juliet would support someone who killed her cousin. This song represents all of Juliet's feelings towards Romeo even after hearing that he killed her cousin. Juliet will keep holding on to Romeo because she believes they will make it through even after all the obstacles in their way. She believes that destiny can't be changed.