My Dream Destination!

Where To? Rhode Island!

Travel Plans

I plan to leave for Rhode Island from Springfield, MO. This will be a round trip. The total cost of the flight will be $761.70 The flight will be a total of seven hours and twenty-three minutes. When I arrive in Providence, I will most likely rent a car. This will cost around $339 per week to rent. So far, the total is $1100.70 Remember, this trip is for just one person. Wow!
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My plans!

First, I will check into a hotel. Obviously. The first fun thing I am going to do is visit the Roger Williams Park Zoo ($14.95). I will then visit the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium ($5.00). Lastly, I will visit the Marble House ($14.50). I'm not much for doing a whole lot while on vacation. The big grand total......... is............... $1135.15! Woah!
A morning bath at Roger Williams Park Zoo
Newport Mansions: Marble House