Samurai and Bushido

Samurai and Bushido stuff


Samurai where created to protect the security and property when the decline of central power started to happen. Samurai means "those who serve."


Bushido is not another type of warrior but rather what the Samurai lived by. they were supposed to live by a strict warrior code known in Japan as Bushido or "the way of the warrior."

Effect on System

The samurai had a major effect on bringing the government state stable again. and the Bushido made what they were doing more secretive and unnoticed than the people know. so not everyone knew what was going on.


Today is my 3rd day of living by the Bushido, meaning I'm a Samurai. i don't exactly know the main reason i became a Samurai in the first place, i figured out that the system was kind of decreasing and it was about to go away so i decided to help out as i can. My duties as a fairly new Samurai consist mainly of just guarding certain rooms or events. i don't escort anyone important or any of that. so its kind of boring for the most part but at least i'm helping.