Sawyer Breitsprecher

About the Artist !

My Life

Sawyer Breitsprecher is fourteen years old and is an eighth grader at South Winneshiek Middle School. His parents' names are Clay and Michele Breitsprecher. He has two older sisters and one younger sister. Sawyer lives outside between Ossian and Castalia, Iowa on his farm where his two dogs, Max and Buddy, protect them from the bad critters.

Sawyer's favorite things to do is sledding, four-wheeling, playing the piano, and being out in the country. His sports are track, football and baseball. His favorite teams to follow are the Chicago Bears, Iowa Hawkeyes, and the UNI Panthers. Sawyer favorite things to eat and drink are pizza, orange juice, and Brisk.

Sawyer wants to complete high school and move on to college where his options are of those that deal with music, medical treatment, and civil engineering.