Child Marriage

A Social Crime

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Child Marriage: A Social Crime

India is a country high on traditions. The variation in culture and rituals is evident in every part of this country. Every few miles will introduce you to a new face of India. However there still persist some age old traditions that aren’t put a full stop to.

Child marriage is one of them; a social evil and a crime by the law. This act leaves behind a lot of problems that lie in the core of the whole concept. Let us look into some of the bad impacts that are accompanied by child marriage.

A break in Education: All the places in India where child marriage persists are usually rural by nature; where girl education isn’t really given much importance. However girls are forced to get married sacrificing on their education; as many parts of the country the people believe that a girl only needs to be competent in domestic chores and doesn’t needs to be aware of the world outside the four walls.

Early shouldering of responsibilities: There is a reason why the Government of India has defined 18 years of age for girls and 21 years of age for boys to be the apt age for marriage. As a marriage in India calls for lot of responsibilities besides your spouse which cannot be ignored. However if you are married at a tender age when you are just on the verge to understand the tactics and the goings in the world, it is always going to be a task for you to take the marriage ahead smoothly.

Lack of sex education and its consequences: The use of word sex is for some reason a taboo in India. Nobody really wishes to talk or decode the intricacies of the topic. Parents don’t consider it to be their responsibility to make their kids aware of this one element that marriage brings into their life. Many girls aren’t aware of it and how to really plan a family with the use of various options available in the market. Premature pregnancy is one of the biggest hindrances a woman has to face when it comes to child marriage or early marriage. It is very difficult to bring in a child and take care of it when you yourself are dealing with a lot of queries and issues unanswered.

Missing on the fun: They say there is a right time and age for everything. And when it is done in the right defined time line, it always yields good returns. Similarly marriage also comes with a defined age as one has to accomplish certain things before it happens. The right level of education, making a career choice, accumulating wealth for your future plans and many more things to go. And all these tasks have their own fun involved with them.

The viscous cycle goes on: This social evil brings a lot of other problems tagged with it. Since there isn’t sufficient education it is always difficult to fetch a job. The shortage of income leads to poverty and insufficiency in the basic needs of one. And if you start an unplanned family that is another issue to tackle altogether.