Widely Used

Marijuana is the most illegal used drug in the world. But in some states in the USA, Marijuana is legal. Other states are evaluating legalization. Some cities have legalized marijuana like Brekenridge, Colorado, however, the state of Colorado nor the Federal Government has legalized the growing or use of marijuana.

Effects of Marijuana.

Some common side effects that may happen to a person who smokes marijuana are trouble remembering things, slow reaction, anxiety, sleepiness, ect. Using marijuana can be very harmful. It effects your whole body such as relationships, school, and work. Some physical effects that marijuana has on a person are tremors (shaking), nausea, headaches, and breathing problems. Marijuana contains many chemicals that demolish your lungs and can also cause cancer. One marijuana cigarette hurts your lungs more then a tobacco product because it more tar in it and it is usually smoked without a filter.

Causes other mental illnesses

Researchers have tried to find out if Marijuana is linked to other mental illnesses. The age the person starts smoking Marijuana and the amount of the drug used can all influence the risk of having another mental problem. So that means the longer you use marijuana, the more damage it does to the body, lungs, mouth and other body parts.

Marijuana in medicine?

People use marijuana for various medical conditions. This is called "Medical Marijuana." Under Federal law, only FDA-approved medications are legal to prescribe and marijuana is not one of them. Some people argue that marijuana should not be in medicines but the drug administration assesses when deciding whether to have marijuana in medicines or not.


People who use marijuana for a long time, for example a teen, they usually end up addicted to it. It is estimated that nine percent of marijuana users are dependent on it. Marijuana addiction is linked to withdrawal syndrome which is very similar to the withdrawal of nicotine. Because of that it becomes difficult to quit, When a person does try to quit, they have a very hard time. When a person is trying to quit smoking marijuana they usually have sleeping difficulties, cravings, and anxiety.