Tiger Talk

Volume LIV Issue 4 February 2019

Central School's Geography Bee

By Julia Zurawski

On Friday, January 11, thirteen students from sixth, seventh, and eighth grade participated in our school Geography Bee in front of the entire school. The bee was sponsored by National Geographic and was organized by Mr. Gillespie, who moderated. Mr. Hockmeyer and Mr. Salzer were the judges, scorers, and timekeepers. The bee consisted of three final rounds. The sixth grade finalists were Armaan Lerner, Catherine Lavender, Kato Tseng, and Lilliana DeFinizio. The seventh grade finalists were Anne O'Mullan, Arthur Duarte, Julia Zurawski, Lizzie Yautz, and Sean Hall. The eighth grade finalists were Cailene Barone, Izzy Marin, Matthew Buscarino, and Mead Briggs. Everyone did a good job, and Matthew Buscarino won! Matthew's next step was to take an online test to see if he will qualify for the state geography bee.

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Central Competes in Consortium General Knowledge Competition

By Sophia Squizziato

On Tuesday, January 29th, seventh and eighth graders Aadya Bharadwaj, Sophia Ehlert, Sophia Fish, Sunayana Naruluri, Elizaveta Noraev, Daniela Russotti, Durga Shylesh, and Sofia Squizziato participated in a General Knowledge competition, which took place at Newark Academy. This was led by Mr. Gillespie, the seventh grade Social Studies teacher, who helped them practice during guide and on the bus. They competed against Delbarton, Morristown Beard, Morris Plains Boro School, Newark Academy, Oak Knoll, Oratory Prep, and Ridgedale. The students were asked a series of questions involving all sorts of topics such as current events, history, math, literature, and science. They were given thirty seconds to answer the general questions, and forty-five seconds for math questions. If the teams answered correctly, they earned 10 points. The JV team placed second overall out of nine teams, only ten points away from winning it all, and for their efforts, they won a plaque! The Varsity team placed seventh, competing against numerous teams, just like JV. Overall, the students described General Knowledge as a great experience and a trip to remember!

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Long Hill's Got Talent

By Samantha Shatz

On January 25, 2019, students from kindergarten through 8th grade had their chance at a night of fame during the annual “Long Hill’s Got Talent.” Hosted by MCs, Mr. DiGiorgio and Mrs. Osmond, the show contained a variety of acts, including dancing, singing, comedy, and much more! A special thanks to Mrs. Rossi and all the other parent volunteers who helped make this event possible. The production began with a dance/skit called “For the Love of The Game” performed by kindergarten through fourth grade students. It concluded with a dance to a song from the movie “Footloose” by fifth graders. A favorite of the audience was “Long Hill’s Big Fight,” which was a special act dedicated to fourth graders, Grace Eline and Leah Hansen, and celebrated how they overcame challenges throughout the year. Many of the popular acts of the night were presented by students of our very own Central Middle School. These acts consisted of Nick Seyda, who impressed the crowd with his soccer freestyling skills; Sebastian Viegas, who performed an “Interstellar” piece on the piano; Sophia Ehlert, who tap-danced her way through “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King;” and Colin Belfield who presented a musical number with his two sisters. Larger groups, such as “Pitch Perfect Medley,” “The Greatest ShoWomen,” and “High Hope" by Panic At The Disco, were performed by the following 6th graders: Taylor Campbell, Julianna DeFazio, Madison DiSarno, Sarah Dowd, Caroline Grieco, Katelyn Johnstone, Breslyn Keegan, Olivia LaHoff, Olivia Lapetina, Ava Lattarulo, Dania Orabi, Celia Pinto, Caroline Roberts, Samantha Shatz, Emily Singer, Delia Torpey, and Kelsey Unchester. 8th grade singers, Cailene Barone and Abigail Kohan, sang “Love Song,” along with Isabella Rietze on piano. Tickets were sold out previous to the night of the show, which shows that Long Hill's Got Talent is a hit. Make sure to snatch a ticket next year and join them for their best year yet!

Central's Fencing Team

By Aadya Bharadwaj

The Central School Fencing team is storming in with swords in hand and spirited enthusiasm. Starting in December, the team for Central has been performing well in the meets they have had so far. Fencers from previous years have experience and have improved so much in a just year, but the new sixth grade fencers have also been performing well from the get-go. Central school’s wonderful fencing team includes Aadya Bharadwaj, Raymond Lavender, Armaan Learner, and Durga Shylesh fencing foil; Sammy Aschoff, Luke Dorsi, Roman Elizagrey, Nicholas Farley, Catherine Lavendar, and Ivan Nielsen, fencing sabre; and Collin Belfield, Ethan Clayton, Alex Martini, Alex Moakley, and Bella Sluyter, fencing epee. With great teaching from their coach, Eric Kirberger, the team has worked their hardest to achieve their goals and has been very successful.

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Fly Pups

By Tommy Osmond

On Thursday, January 24th, Matthew Kiener, the founder of a nonprofit organization called FlyPups, took the time to talk to Central Middle School students. This organization helps dogs everywhere to find homes. Shelters can struggle to find dogs homes, and if they can't the dogs may sadly be destroyed. In a note that Mr. Viturello wrote and sent out to all parents he said, “FlyPups is dedicated to transporting dogs from desperate situations to shelters where they can be nurtured and prepared for adoption.” This is what FlyPups is all about.

During the school-wide assembly, Mr. Kiener told Central Middle School students that there are two opportunities for them to help out their “four-legged friends”. One of the ways we can help is to participate in a sponsored after-school “Read In” at the library from 3:00 to 4:00 on Wednesday, February 13th. Another opportunity students will have is on Saturday, February 16th, between 11:00 and 2:00, with a collection event to be hosted in our town. Any students who want to help out by participating in this event will have to register and complete a permission slip. One of the prizes of these fundraisers is a tour around the airport where FlyPups is located, The winning student will also receive a scenic flight in one of the planes that the puppies are transported in. This assembly was really interesting and inspiring. It encouraged students to go out and help animal shelters and dogs. Maybe we will even take better care of our own dogs.

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Students' Solar Powered Cars Race at Central

By Zachary Anderson

Solar power is the way of the future, and Central School librarian, Mrs. Paugh, recently organized a fun, educational project for interested students. She formed a Google classroom page to share ideas about the solar power vehicles. This classroom consists of: Hope Anastario, Zachary Anderson, Colin Belfield, Amaya Campos, Nicole Coleman, John Dec, Georgia Fishteyn, Eleftheria Georgiou, Alex Kotar, Anton Levonian, Alex Moakley, Sofia Squizziato, and John Wozniak.

On Friday, January, 26, the students met in the library and excitedly received their materials. Each team received one solar panel, axles, a motor, and a platform for the car materials to lay on. Students can bring additional supplies to enhance their cars' performance. On race day, a team member holds a sheet of paper above the car to prevent it going forward while another team member stands at the finish line to catch it. The race track is a long strip of flat surface where two people can race. Each team gets two chances to race, and if you lose your second race, your team is out. There is also a table where you can fix your car if it malfunctions, or to make modifications. Students really enjoyed this hands-on activity. On May 13th, the students will race their cars in a Solar Sprint Competition.

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Go Green

By Samantha Shatz and Breslyn Keegan

This year, Ms. Aimette has taken the Central School Environmental Club to a whole new level. The club does small things, such as hosting bake sales, to make big differences. In November, they baked and decorated sugar cookies to look like turkeys. They raised $100 to donate to the Raptor-Trust Animal Shelter. In December, the group went bigger and better. Many of them baked desserts on their own, and then they sold them altogether as a bake sale during lunch periods. They made holiday cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and more! The money they earned added up to $200, which they donated to an environmental organization. The club plans to keep up these bake sales to keep on earning money to donate for good causes. However, selling treats isn’t the only way they help the environment. The Environmental Club’s goal is to make the entire school go green! Their first step in that plan was to find proof that the school can do better. Mr. Viturello joined the club in a meeting in January. He and Ms. Aimette went through bags of garbage, using gloves, to find materials that should have been recycled. Other members of the club held out bags to place those materials in, and some sorted and calculated the number of materials. Mr. Viturello and the club want to educate the school, so they can start recycling correctly. The members of Central's Environmental Club include Hope Anastario, CJ Baritta, Emily Carpenter, Samantha Clark, Julianna DeFazio, Sarah Dowd, Madison Guli, Taylor Guli, Katelyn Johnstone, Breslyn Keegan, Olivia LaHoff, Olivia Lapetina, Ava Lattarulo, Sophia Li, Ethan Moran, Dania Orabi, Vanya Pankratov, Jessica Romero-Ramos, Samantha Shatz, Kelsey Unchester, and of course, their leader, Ms. Aimette.They hope the rest of the year will be a success, and the students of Central can help! Start making good choices for the environment and recycling, so you can be one step ahead of the Environment Club!

Mrs. Paugh's Book Club

By Sofia Squizziato

On January 25, 2019, sixth and seventh graders met during Lunch and Guide to discuss about the novel, Refugee, by Alan Gratz, with the principal, Mr. Viturello. Refugee demonstrates the struggle that families faced with food shortages, bombings, and concentration camps through the points of view of three different children: Joseph, Mahmoud, and Isabel. They each struggle to survive, not only having to watch out for their own safety, but take care of their families as obstacles rise.

The next book club will be on Friday, February 22, 2019. We will be reading When You Reach Me, a novel written by our visiting author, Rebecca Stead. This remarkable novel not only shows what true friendship is about, but it contains a great puzzle needed to be solved. Miranda and Sal are best friends, but when the extra key to Miranda’s apartment building is lost, everything changes. Sal gets punched in the face and shuts Miranda out, and Miranda keeps receiving mysterious notes: “I am coming to save your friend’s life, and my own. I ask for two favors. First, you must write me a letter.” Read the rest of the book to find a mysterious novel filled with friendship, love, and mystery.

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Central School Tiger Mascot Returns

By Bailey Unchester

Central Middle School’s winter pep rally featured a special guest - the CMS Tiger! The iconic mascot made an appearance at the school’s pep rally that showcased all of the winter sports and extracurricular activities. Contrary to popular belief, this was not Central's first pep rally. We had two other pep rallys in the past 16 years. The school's mascot is not new; it just has not made an appearance in awhile. The tiger welcomed every student who was participating in the pep rally, for their moment of recognition in the spotlight. The mascot is occasionally at home basketball games, cheering our Central players on. Sponsored by student council, the pep rally and the mascot boosted our school spirit. Hopefully, we will see our old tiger friend again at the school’s future pep rallies and sporting events.


By Briana O'Connor and David Youssef

Who doesn’t love Valentines Day with the chocolate, candy, and hearts? While you are celebrating on February 14th, why not learn its history? Valentine's Day is named after St. Valentine. It is believed that his name was actually Valentinus. He was a temple priest who was martyred. St. Valentine was beheaded by Emperor Claudius II for not giving up his religious beliefs. He was helping Christians wed. Valentines Day cards were very popular, especially during the Industrial Revolution due to new factory machines. Today, Valentine’s Day is often considered a candy “Hallmark Holiday.”

On Presidents' Day, we get a day off from school! Originally, Presidents' Day was to celebrate the birthday of our first president, George Washington. Later, it was to also honor Abraham Lincoln's birthday, our 16th president. Eventually, the day came to recognize all of our U.S. presidents. This is a federal holiday, and this year, Presidents' Day is on February 18, 2019. It is always on the third Monday in February, and this was designed to give Americans more three-day weekends.

Central is also celebrating Black History Month during February. Below is a bulletin board recognizing famous African-Americans and their achievements.

Members of Tiger Talk

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