What's Happening On TUMBLEBUS in April?

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Welcome to Spring Fling on TUMBLEBUS!

This month we are celebrating all things April! From bunnies, frogs, flowers, butterflies, and eggs, we're having a blast. Teddy and friends are learning new skills, reviewing old, practicing counting skills, and talking about the letter "S". Alongside all the excitement we are enjoying the many circuit activities, games, and books for this month.

Here's a Peak Inside the Spring Fling!

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Spring Into TUMBLEBUS!

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Do you know of any of your child's peers that haven't had a chance to experience TUMBLEBUS yet? If a new child signs up for TUMBLEBUS and references your child's name we'll give your child 1 free session for the month of May! We want as many kids as possible to experience TUMBLEBUS and you can do your part by helping us spread the word.
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Know Anyone that Would be an Awesome Fitness Instructor/ Teacher on or off TUMBLEBUS?

We are currently on the hunt for enthusiastic, loving instructors to contribute on our team as we grow into providing more learning and fitness programming across the area for kids of ALL ages. Share with anyone you may know that would be great, or have them email a resume to our email address tumblebussouthclt@gmail.com. Thanks for sharing. :)

Introducing Another Entity of TUMBLEBUS South Charlotte:

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We Heard You!

Since TUMBLEBUS South Charlotte has been on the road, we often hear "What about the Big Kids?" and "What about Adults?" Well worry no more! Beyond FIT has been designed to provide onsite fitness experiences for kids and adults BEYOND the bus! Why? Because humans past 7 years old are just too tall for the bus of course! But NEVER is anyone to tall to learn and be fit! Besides you can't have healthy kids without healthy families right?

Beyond Fit is a:

Mobile Fitness studio committed to providing the best on-site fitness experiences throughout Charlotte and surrounding! We'll provide classes such as Zumba, Yoga, Boot Camps, Circuits, and more, alongside workshops that teach the importance of healthy bodies, minds, and spirits. Activities will be onsite at your desired locations including schools, churches, organization venues, camps, jobs, ect. Not only do we promote fitness, we'll continue promoting movement, music, and literacy BEYOND the BUS!

We Come to You and we are excited about expanding our programming options for older kids and families too.


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If you still haven't had the chance yet, Please check out the NEW TUMBLEBUS South Charlotte Instagram, Facebook and Website by clicking the red buttons below. Follow our Instagram, and Facebook pages.

*If You Post the picture we will give you $5 OFF your child's tuition in May. It's easy. Simply post the picture below. Then screen shot the picture that proves you posted it, then email tumblebussouthclt@gmail.com your screen shot! Your account will then be credited $5!

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What Skills are We Learning this Month?

Here are a few skills we'll be covering this month!
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It is the goal of TEAM TUMBLEBUS to provide the BEST extracurricular programming, events, and parties for children in a manner that exemplifies a high standard of excellence. Please take 1-2 minutes of your time to complete this quick 11 question survey to let us know how we're doing.
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Looking for a fun and unique birthday party for your child?

Let our experienced staff show your birthday boy or girl and their guests how to have a good time rain or shine! No mess, and no effort on the parents or family. We'll just pull up and host the party on the bus for kids 3-7 and off the bus for kids beyond 7. Check out our package by clicking here and feel free to provide your special requests so that your child's party can be a customized experience they will love!

Teddy Parent Tip of the Month

Teddy Shares on:

How to Win Cooperation?

Develop Predictable Routines

Kids cooperate in school because they know what's expected of them, says Beth Cohen-Dorfman, educational coordinator at Chicago's Concordia Avondale Campus preschool. "The children follow essentially the same routine day after day, so they quickly learn what they are supposed to be doing, and after a while barely need reminding." While it would be impractical to have the same level of structure at home, the more consistent you are, the more cooperative your child is likely to be, suggests Cohen-Dorfman. Decide on a few routines and stick to them! Examples include deciding when everyone gets dressed or reading before bed once all jimmies are on ect. Eventually, following these "house rules" will become second nature to your child. This will ultimatley make their life/ behavior and your life a lot easier (Lamb, 2018).

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Inspirational Quote of the Month

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. -Ashe

Thanks for allowing your child to be a part of TUMBLEBUS South Charlotte!

If you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.