By Isabella

100 years of the Titanic!!!!!

It has been one century since the catastrophic event of Titanic!!! Titanic was one of the most catastrophic events in history. Many books and movies have inspired on it. Today we tell you all about his magnificiant ship, its flaws, disasters, amazements, and mostly history. Read all about it and come visit us for the 100 birthday!! We wil remember this sad event with artists paintwork, and historians knowledge. Hopefully you will join us in this ceremony of the Titanic!
Instrumental Music: James Horner - The Dream (Titanic Ending Music)
Titanic was a White Star Line brand ship. In its time it was enormous. It sank in 1912. It sank possibly because it was not made properly. The watertight compartments were built bad, water could pass through compartments. The lifeboats were also a problem there were only lifeboats enough to accomodate 1,178 people, and Titanic carried about 3,300 people. There were only seats in the lifeboats for one third of the ships population. This errors were made mainly because no one thought that this "unsinkable" ship would actually sink ; but it did. Then on April 15, 1912 the Titanic collided with an iceberg in the early morning hours. The Titanic launched on April 10 of 1912. That means it lasted two days before sinking. This was such a tragedy , and did you know that first class passengers were 44% more possibilities of surviving than other passengers. Titanic carried with it lots of romances and new begginigs. This has been compared to many other tragedys.

people on board~ Loraine Allison

Loraine Allison was traveling in the Titanic with her family. Her family was conformed by her father, mother, and little Trevor, her little brother. At the time Loraine was just two years old. Her brother was 11 months. They were also travelling with nurse Alice Cleaver; who looked over Trevor. On the day of the sinking Alice grabbed the infant and carried him off safely to a lifeboat (lifeboat number 11). Apparently meanwhile the Allisons didnt know where Trevor nor Alice were. They resolved that they wouldnt leave without them, and nor would tthey be parted from little Lorain. Then the ship collided, and their lives came to an end. Though it is recalled that they were last seen standing together, smiling, on the promenade deck. Loraine was the only child in first and second class to die, and her body was never found. Meanwhile Trevor was safe, and continued his life with his uncles.

people on board~ the real love story Emilio

There have been many movies about a rumored romance between a higher class married woman and a lower class men. Well, it actually did happen. Emilio Portaluppi and Madeleine Talmage Astor fell in love. Like on "Titanic" the movie from James Cameron in 1997 Emilio was on the Titanic for a chance of luck. He was invited by the Astors like in the movie to dinners, and one the day the iceberg hit the ship, like in the movie too. He had originally been booked for another White Star Lines other ships, Oceanic 2, but the Astors told him to join them on Titanic. He then joined them. He was second class but was then invited to join the Astors in first class. Madeleine was pregnant. Emilio denied his crush on Madeleine and gave many different explanations of his survival, one of them was that he stayed on a piece of ice. It was also claimed that he had gotten inside a lifeboat dressed as a woman. Then World War 1 came and Emilio was a soldier, and Madeleine just a victim. They both married other people later.

Edward John Smith

Edward John Smith was the captain of the lengendary ship "Titanic". He earned quite a reputation in his travels. Specially in the Boar war by commanding ships to the cape. He had quite a reputation that some passengers would only travel the Atlantic Ocean with him. The it became a costume for him to command the newest ships on their maiden voyages. So it was no surprise when he took over the captains spot in Titanics journey.