Roger Sperry

By Ashley Paulson

Date of Birth & Death

  • Born August 20th, 1913
  1. Born in Hartford, Connecticut
  • Died April 17, 1994
  1. Died in Pasadena, California

Background Info

  • Son of Francis Bushnell, and Florence Kraemer Sperry in a middle class home
  • One brother and father died when Roger was 11
  • Won a scholarship to Oberlin College cause of his star athlete abilities and academic record
  • Majored in English but took intro to Psychology class which triggered his interest

Contribution to Psychology

  • Intro to Psychology class triggered his interest in the brain
  • Split brain research- what we know today about the right and left hemisphere
  • Won the Nobel Prize with 2 other psychologists in 1981, David Hunter Hubel and Torsten Nils Wiesel