Killer whale or a shark

Who will win?

Who Would Win?

A shark is swimming alone looking anxiously for food but then the great white shark sees a killer whale and the killer whale is hungry too.Finally they get closer and attack. People may think that because of a great white sharks big teeth that they would win in a fight with a killer whale.Definitely a Killer whales bigger brains like human brains.If a great white shark and a killer whale were to get in a fight, The killer whale would definitely win.

Big Strong Bodies

One reason a killer whale would win in a fight against a shark is there body’s are bigger and stronger.For example,in the book it states killer whales have bones, not cartilage.This proves killer whales would win in a fight because if a shark comes full speed at a whale the whale won't get hurt because of its bones but if a whale comes full speed at a shark the shark will get hurt because it doesn't have bones to protect it. Another example from the book is a whale can grow up to 23 feet and the shark is only 16 feet long. This proves a killer whale would win in a fight because being bigger is an advantage because when you are bigger you are usally stronger.So they can over power the shark. Also killer whales big and strong body helps them win the fight.

Smart Whales

Another reason a killer whale would win in a fight against a shark is they are smarter. For instance killer whales brains are really big and the shark's brain is in a Y shape and smaller. killer whale brains are also similar to a human's brain.This proves a killer whale would win in a fight because being smarter helps because they can think of a way to kill the shark.Whales brains are like humans so they can come up with ideas like us.Another example is killer whales swim in groups.Sharks are loners and whales aren't so they're more of them.This helps them because if they get in a fight with a shark the killer whale will usually be in groups so they can all attack

The winner is..

A killer whale is swimming in the sea trying to find food and then,the Killer Whale sees a great white shark and the shark is hungry too,They get closer and closer and start to fight. A killer whale is bigger than sharks so they're stronger and whales have bigger brains like human brain.In conclusion The shark and whale end the fight and only one is still alive,absolutely the killer whale would win.

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KILLER WHALES vs GREAT WHITE SHARK - Orca whale kills great white & eats it


anxiously-waiting nervously.

attack-to go after someone to hurt them.

cartilage-the stuff in are ear.