Chapman Charger Staff Update


Week #21!

Good Afternoon Chapman Staff!

39 Days till M-Step Season!

Wow! What a week last week! I don't know about any of you but I am more than ready to get back into the swing of things. We have a busy week with a ton going on. Please make sure you read through this newsletter carefully and double check your and my schedules.

Formal observations begin this month. Please be prepared for each piece of this. On Stages there is a form to fill out for both pre and post meetings. Those need to be completed before our meetings.

Please make sure all of your data is recorded in the correct places. I have sent a couple of emails out over the last few days as reminders. This week was a great time to get caught up if you needed.

We have an MTSS meeting on Wednesday. I will send out an agenda for this with approximate times for you to meet with the team if you have a student with a form filled out. I do ask for some flexibility in time as we move through this process. We will not begin meeting with teachers until 9:30 and will have a full schedule for the day. Please bring all the current and trend data on your student(s) along with evidence of interventions/strategies that have been used in the classroom whether it is behavior or academic.

Staff meeting is THIS Tuesday at 7:15 AM. We will meet briefly in the media center and then you will have time to work with your teams the rest of the morning. Cara will be having running club at 8 so we will meet in classrooms.

There is SIS training this week for K/1 and 4/5.

It is that time of year again for the staff survey! Please click the link below to take the survey.

If possible, if we have a snow/ice/cold day this week, could you please send a Remind text to your families. There was a slight snafu last week with the robo call, which has been fixed, but would like to cover all of our bases. I will also Tweet information. Thank you for your help in this matter.


Click below to sign up for your formal observation. If you need a pre or a post before or after school, please email me individually.

Don't forget to use GoNoodle! Our usage report for December was much lower than November (on the number of teachers using). Remember, as part of the health grant we received, half of our teachers need to use the program regularly. This is an easy and educational way to get in some activity and movement throughout the day.

Please make sure that your accommodation logs are up to date and accurate.

We are gathering survey results from parents and I need your help! I am sure there are parents that will read your weekly newsletter or remind messages more than mine. Can you please add the link to the parent survey in your next parent communication?

Here is the link:

Quote of the Week:

Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.
~Margaret Cousins

Third Grade Teachers have Morning Duty this week! Dress warm and pack your smiles! We are the first people that students see at Chapman in the morning!

Monday 2/4

Pre- JK 8:50


Pre- LT 9:30

Kindergarten Meeting at Stark @ 4:30

Tuesday 2/5

Staff Meeting 7:15 AM

Running Club 8 AM

SIS Math Coaching Chapman and Hunter K/1 (conference room)

Guidance Center- Lunch Bunch and Grief Group

Principal Eval Meeting (Amy and Scott in building) PM

Bible Study

Wednesday 2/6

Run Club Make up?

OB- LT @ 9:00

MTSS Meetings

Pre- CT @ 2:40

Thursday 2/7

Running Club @ 8:00

SIS Math 4/5 @ Stark

OB- JK @ 1:55

Pre- KW @ 3:05

Orange Meeting in Conference Room @ 4pm

Friday 2/8

Pre- TR @ 8:50

OB- CT @ 9:30

Pre- HB @ 12:45

See you Monday