Summer on the East Coast

Marc Michelotti

Earth Science on the Coast

When I was in Maine, I saw some very stunning views. Those views would all be considered Earth Science because I was looking at things that weren't living and were made all naturally, including lakes, clouds, and the sun. It was very, very beautiful, and I wish to go back.

Jordan Pond Hike

When I was at Acadia National Park, my dad and I did a lot of hiking. One of the hikes was around Jordan Pond. We hiked all day and ended up hiking 17 miles! It was a lot of fun seeing the bridges and the views.

3 Things about me

My name is Marc Michelotti, and I have 3 siblings.

Valentina-23 Years old- Pitzer College, Ca

Jake- 19 Years old- Denver University, Co

Max- 17 Years old- Libertyville High School, IL

I play basketball and soccer, and I like to hang with friends.

My favorite college is Duke.