Computer7 Class


Tips for Success in Computer!!!!!

Don't talk when Mrs. Mo is talking because she will get really upset. When you do your assignments remember to put your name, the date, and your period you are in here for. When she is going over something listen really well because you never know when she will have a pop quiz over it. And make sure you are being very creative.

What will you learn?????

You will learn how to be a digital citizen. And how to be careful when it comes to your digital footprint which is your history of what you do. You will learn how to make spreadsheets. And last you will learn to make Brochures.

Different things you will learn in Computer!!!

What I thought was fun in Computer!!!

Fun in Computer!!!

I thought when we learned how to put data and put different charts in on the spreadsheets. I really like it when every Tuesday and every Thursday you get to do typing tests and you normally learn something new if not you play on cool math games.