A Trip To Houston

Zadday Ojeda

My dad decided to take me to take me and my sisters to Houston to meet my aunt and cousins.My dad drove half the way to Houston because he works sometimes in Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday, and Thursday. So my aunt, Lupe drove the rest of the way. It was a long trip. I was excited to go to my cousin's house to get to know each other. My aunt asked questions about me, I answered all of them while we were on our way. Since we did have a break that was just 7 days,my dad said we could stay for a few days.

When we got there, I was surprised how big,neat, and clean. Eduardo,my cousin,dressed up as Michael Jackson the first day. I laughed when he said he was the son of Michael Jackson. We played a few video games. Eduardo and his brother, Jesus, played all night. I laid awake for a few hours watching them.

I played tricks on their chihuahua. My aunt and my mom cooked for us while my dad worked. My sisters and I played Monopoly. I watched movies with my cousins. Eduardo has his own motorcycle! He asked me if I wanted to ride it, I said yes, and it went fast! The ride was fun. It was our last day at Houston, I didn't want to leave. My aunt decided we could do a water balloon fight on our last day.

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