Patterson Re-opening Procedures

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Technology Pick UP

All Patterson Technology has been issued. If you do not pick up devices within 48 hours of notice, we will give to the next wait list person.

Patterson sent a survey to families inquiring about their technology needs to support online learning. We have our first technology distribution tomorrow, August 4, at designated times. Parents reserved their pick up time slot. Please pull through the cafeteria entrance for curb side pick up at your designated time.

We will send a second questionnaire for technology pick up. This will be for those that were on the waiting list, or were not able to pick up on August 4 and those that are new registrations.

Patterson Procedures for 2020-2021 School Year

Patterson Re-Opening Guide for Parents

Contacting Teachers

Patterson teachers and staff are so excited to welcome our students back to school. Your child’s teacher will be reaching out to you via email or phone once class lists are finalized. This email will contain information about your child’s teacher, his/her contact information, and more information regarding the school year and how to prepare. Once this email is received, your child’s teacher will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have via email or phone.


  • Students should try to come as a car rider if possible as per Dr. Null’s suggestion for socially distant transport.
  • Bus students: When your student is a bus rider, they will enter the building the same as before. Buses will pull up to sidewalks in front of the building and students will enter the double doors by the front office.
  • Car riders: When coming into the parking lot for car rider, please follow the map plan below. This was the route we used for the 4th grade clap out and Kinder graduation in May. The drop off/unloading area will be on the sidewalk adjacent to the building. All students will enter the building at the PE/Specials door (not cafeteria doors or hall doors as before).


  • Campus will open doors at 7:15am for those students who eat breakfast. Students will be able to eat breakfast in the cafeteria from 7:15am - 7:30am. Students who arrive after 7:30am will be allowed to take their breakfast into their classrooms.
  • Breakfast meals will be pre-packaged and ready for pick up to limit wait time in the breakfast line.
  • Only 103 students will be allowed in the cafeteria at a time. Only three students per table will be allowed, this will ensure students are keeping a safe distance from one another. If we reach our allotted limit, students will be asked to eat in their classrooms.
  • Sanitizing stations will be available throughout the school especially in areas of high transitions such as the cafeteria.


  • Classes will be organized as “Orange” and “Blue” groups in each grade. Orange group will have structured recess for 20 minutes while Blue groups eat lunch, then they will switch. Each week, the order will switch. Within the lunch group, half the students will eat lunch in the classroom and half will eat in the cafeteria. This will also switch weekly to allow students different settings to eat lunch. In the cafeteria, students will sit 6’ feet apart to abide by social distancing guidelines. Lunch monitors will use caution with assisting students in the lunchroom. They will wear proper PPE such as gloves, masks, and use hand sanitizer. Unfortunately, at this time, we can not allow visitors at lunch as we will need every table for student use.Thank you for understanding our new safety guidelines.


  • Students riding a bus will remain in their classrooms until their teacher calls their bus. Students will then file into the hallways and out to a bus monitor to be scanned and loaded. Hall monitors will be assisting students in the hallways.
  • Car riders will remain in their classrooms until their teachers call their name. Parents will have a car rider tag that with a scan code to notify staff what student to call. When they are called, the student will walk to the cafeteria to load in their cars. Monitors will also be in the hallways to assist students. Please be aware and understanding that dismissal may take longer than in the past due to new safety procedures. Please be patient as we get the systems down.


  • We ask that all students wear a mask in common areas, buses and while in transition
  • Health Department encourages the use of masks for all students
  • If a student does not wear a mask and there is an active COVID case in the room, the student without the mask will be sent home for precautionary measures
  • It is recommended by the MCPHD, that students of all ages wear a mask including students under eight years of age.
  • Exceptions will be made for students with medical conditions as stated by a medical professional.
  • Staff will wear a mask throughout the day. When in close proximity to students, the staff member will wear a mask and a face shield.
  • Properly worn masks are required for those who must wear one. Masks around the neck are not properly worn. A mask must cover the mouth and nose.

Good Hygiene

  • Hand sanitizer has been delivered to the school and each classroom.
  • Everyone must use the sanitizer when entering and exiting a room.
  • Everyone must also use hand sanitizer when entering the school and exiting the school; including the playground.
  • Everyone will properly wash hands more frequently throughout the day.
  • Sanitizing wipes and sprays have been delivered to all schools/staff to use for safe cleaning on surface areas and on materials students touch frequently.

Visitors and Deliveries

· Only visitors essential to school operations will be permitted to enter CISD facilities.

· Patterson will use Zoom and Phone Conferences when possible to reduce campus visitors.

· Visitors will be required to complete COVID 19 Screening forms at the reception area prior to entering the building.

· Visitors will observe social distance guidelines, remain six feet apart, and wear face coverings. If there is not enough space in our lobby, visitors will remain outside under the porch or in their vehicle.

· Deliveries for students that forgot items will be limited to an emergency basis. Students will be allowed to charge a meal from the cafeteria if they forgot their lunch.

· All visitors are required to pre-screen for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering a District facility.

· All visitors entering a District facility will be required to wear a face covering. Individuals who proceed beyond the reception area will follow specific guidelines for visitors.

· All visitors entering a District facility will be required to sign-in and are subject to a COVID-19 screening before accessing the building beyond the reception area.

· All visitors will wash/sanitize hands upon entry to a District facility.

· Snacks and Birthdays

· Snacks are allowed if they are individually wrapped.

· Snacks or birthday treats have to be delivered 72 hours before the event delivered to classrooms will not be able to be handled for 72 hours.

· Teachers will pass out snacks with sanitized and gloved hands.

Curbside Call-In

  • In order to minimize traffic through our front office, we are asking that parents use our Curbside Call-In located at the front of the building. This would be accessible from 8:30 to 2:15, giving time for morning arrival of buses to clear and make way for afternoon dismissal.
  • Curbside Call-In service if for parents that need to drop off or pick up items (medicine for the nurse, forgotten items like lunch box, glasses, backpacks).
  • How to access Curbside Call-In:
    • Drive to front parking lot
    • Pull into Curbside slot
    • Call the front office
    • Wait in your car
    • Patterson staff will meet you outside

Fine Arts

Conroe ISD Fine Arts is dedicated to nurturing excellence and creativity through superior instruction and performance. Systems are in place to minimize contact and provide for a safe learning environment for our Pumas:

  • Students will begin the school year virtually for Fine Arts. Students who picked online learning will continue with virtual fine arts. Students who return in person will meet in the classroom or in the specials classroom depending on student enrollment numbers.
  • Students will have staggered arrival and dismissal times in order to minimize the amount of students in the hallway.
  • Students will be spaced 6’ apart.
  • Students will take individually packed supplies to and from art. Bagged supplies will be quarantined in the classroom until the following week of fine art instruction.
  • The library will follow the level 1, 2, and 3 system for different levels of checkout. When books are able to be checked out to students, books will not be allowed to be shared with other students. The students will return the books to a cart that will be quarantined for three days.
  • Supplies, tables, and all equipment will be sanitized after use.

School Events

We look forward to hosting our school events this year! Although school events may look different in this year, we look forward to coming together in different ways to share our Puma Pride! Information will be sent out as soon regarding our first event. Here are the tentative dates for the year:

September 10

October 8

November 12

December 10

January 14

February 11

March 11

April 8

May 13


There is a separate area for well and sick student visits.

Physical distancing in the clinic area will be implemented as space allows.

Any person entering for a sick visit will have his or her temperature taken.

All persons will wash/sanitize hands upon entry/exit of the clinic area.

Clinic staff will wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) appropriate to the task.

To minimize loss of instruction time and unnecessary exposure to illness, well students will remain in class as much as possible.

Considerations for classroom-based care to well students by nurse or trained designated personnel may include scheduled medication administration and minor first aid.

Teachers are encouraged to contact the school clinic prior to sending students.

Any student with a temperature greater than or equal to 100°F and/or showing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be masked as developmentally appropriate, isolated, and the parent/guardian notified for pick up.

All multi-use equipment will be sanitized between uses.

Any medications used to treat symptoms consistent with COVID-19 such as cough, shortness of breath, headache, sore throat, and body aches will not be administered without a current healthcare provider’s note. This would include metered dose inhalers, cough and cold medications, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen. At this time, nebulized medications will not be administered during the school day.

Parents/Guardians are strongly encouraged to contact their student’s healthcare provider to obtain metered dose inhalers rather than nebulizer medications.

HEALTH SCREENINGS- Daily screenings


Parents/guardians are expected to complete a weekly pre-screen via email for their student for COVID-19 symptoms prior to the start of each school week. Paper forms will be available for those without email access.

Parents/guardians are expected to screen their students for COVID-19 symptoms each day prior to sending their student to school.

Parents/guardians are expected to take regular temperature checks of their student(s) and monitor for any symptoms.

Parents/guardians should keep their student home if their student has symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and are encouraged to contact the school.

Parents/guardians should keep their student home if their student has had regular or close contact with a person who is lab-confirmed COVID-19.

All students will wash/sanitize hands upon entering campus.

Teachers and staff will monitor students and refer to the nurse if symptoms are present.

All staff will complete self-checks including taking their temperature, at home prior to entering campus facilities.
All staff will complete a COVID-19 check-in prior to entering any District facility.
All staff will wash/sanitize hands upon entry to a District facility and frequently throughout the day.


Technology assistance will be available to parents who have requested it through the district registration form. Technology will be given out at Patterson, curbside, by appointment only. Parents or guardians will electronically sign that they are taking the device off campus and are aware of the replacement cost if damaged or not returned. Please contact the Patterson Media Specialist, Amy Haggard for more information.

Curriculum and Grading

Whether your child is attending school virtually or in person, they will be expected to complete the same assignments and will have the same curriculum. As a campus, we are dedicated to ensuring that we provide a high quality education to your child no matter the format they are learning from. Teachers will be following state and district standards for both learning platforms. The two platforms will mirror each other to ensure all Patterson students are receiving high-quality instruction. If your child is a virtual learner, (s)he will be expected to complete daily assignments to be counted present for the day. Both the virtual learning option and the traditional in-person model will have the same grading policies and workload. Report cards will be distributed every nine weeks.

Resource Classes

  • Students who receive services through Special Education will receive their services from the general education teacher and special education teacher as outlined in their IEP document. ARD meetings will still be held annually, or as requested. Meetings will be held on the phone or via Zoom to reduce visitors to the campus.


  • Students who are identified, as requiring intervention through RTI (Response to Intervention) will still benefit from this time of additional instruction either in their classroom (Tier 1 and Tier 2) or in the RTI classroom (Tier 3). This time is based on the RIT cycle data and teacher data collected. You will still be notified of their progress and cycle data.


  • Students who are identified Dyslexic and receive services through our 504 program will still receive services for their allotted minutes. This will be a small group, pull out to a different classroom with the on-campus Reading Intervention Teacher.

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