Pop Latino Music "Loca By Shakira"

By - Collin Trainer

Type of Music (Pop Latino)

The name of the music is loca which stands for crazy. The names stands for shakira being crazy. It's most commonly found in Latin America and Europe (Spain, Italy, France, etc). Selena, Ricky Martin, and Gian Marco are some of the most famous singers of Pop Latino.

History of Pop Latino

Pop Latino originated from Romania and Latin America where it gained a global audience in the mid 1960's. It was originated from American Pop. Once American Pop was created, Latin Pop followed after having some American Pop being produced in partly spanish getting it's name Latino Pop.

Characteristics of Pop Latino

Spanish speaking in the Pop Latino genre is the only big characteristic in being in this genre. We see Spanish drums, keyboard, guitar, and basically any regular instruments we see in today's songs. Pop Latino music is associated with special dances that mix in a few different music genre dances. This music genre has no special costumes and Selena is the most recognized Pop Latino Singer who has 14 top ten singles on Pop Latino charts.

Connection to Dance and Music Today

A club-oriented dance music that rooted in Latin rhythms but relied on synthesizers and drum machines for most of its arrangements. Ballroom dancing is associated with this type of music genre.

The music today is associated with people like Shakira who are pop singers who sing in Spanish. Singers and fans may live in American, Mexico, or Europe. Pop Latino music is associated with spanish speaking people. The future of Pop Latino music is to keep debuting music to win awards to keep getting awareness towards this music genre.