Use Your Noggin

Ways to retrieve information stored in your brain

Pay Attention.

In order to actually be able to retain the information, you need to learn it in the first place. So when you're trying to learn something, give it your undivided attention. Turn off the TV, your music, and put your snack away for a minute. Also, it might be a good idea to not fall asleep in class.

Research your stuff.

Not only do you need to learn the information presented to you, you should go a little further. It kill you to look into what it is you're learning, in fact you will probably understand the information given to you better and be ahead of the game. It might even help you to relearn the information.

Be organized.

Say you have a notebook, if its torn up with pages randomly through in there, that' s probably about what your brain looks like right now. Get organized! Try grouping similar subjects, concepts, and terms together.

Let's get Visual.

Some people are visual learners, which means some people are probably visual "rememberers." Pay particular attention to pictures, objects, or symbols related to a certain topic, they might help you recognize or recall new information. For example, if you need to remember what a bear eats, you might associate the foods with a certain picture.

Man, I can relate.

When you're learning about new information, try to relate it to the things you already know. That way, you have a basis from where to go from there. This is an example of a mnemonic device.

Catch some Zzz's.

One of my favorite way of studying, sleep. While you do actually need to study to retain information, sleep is proven to lead to physical changes in the brain. Studies have shown that maybe even taking a nap after you've learned something you can help you to remember it better and faster. Hey, sometimes your mind just needs a break.

Guaranteed to work.