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Capital City: Jakarta

Population: 251,160124

Places in Indoneasia

Indonesia sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Wear Indonesia is located at.

North of it is Philippines

South of it is Australia

East of it is the Pacific Ocean

West of it is the Indian Ocean

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  1. People were sad and mad about the tsunami and now there in crisis.
  2. Massive under ground earthquake.
  3. Indian ocean caused a tsunami that killed more than 220,000 people and left thousands homeless.
  4. It was harder for people to find jobs, money, and water when the tsunami had pass.

People & Places

  1. 100 million people speak a langue called Javanese.
  2. Sukarno from Japan became Indonesia president.
  3. Indonesia is home to 350 distinct groups.
  4. Most Indonesian (86) are Muslim.


  1. Soccer is the most popular sport in Indonesia.
  2. They played a sport called sepak tawraw witch is similar to volleyball.
  3. Kids make their own toys like bamboo pistols.
  4. Independence day is on Agu.17.


  1. Middle class Indonesians have private cars.
  2. Rural people travel by motorcycle, by by bicycles or by foot.
  3. Indonesians who are married or are age 17 and older are age ability to vote.
  4. Most people are with out insurance, and health care it could be to expensive.

My choice

  1. The biggest island in Indonesia are Borneo and New Guinea.
  2. The best Indonesian National soccer team represents Indonesia.
  3. Jakarta is the most populated city with 108,000,000


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