Pippi Longstockings

Pippi Longstocks is a typical kind of girl. Despite: Super strength, a pot of gold, horse, monkey and no parents. Pippi has always been a very independent young girl. She sailed across the seas with her dad. One day her dad went sailing and said he would be back in a in a week. Days, weeks months and even years went by. Pipps dad had not returned. The mother of Pippi was getting worried she decided to go out to sea and fetch him. Pippis

mother never came back. Pippi knows that they have found a tropical island .

Pippi Longstockings is a fun, crazy and wild child. Since pippi has no parents you might think that she that she would be alone.In the book Pippi meets new friends Tommy and Annika . These children are very well mannered children witch don't fit in with Pippi but somehow they are best friends .Now most of you would be thinking that it would be great , No parents telling you what do do , a pot of gold , horse ,monkey and great best friends but Pippi is always getting into trouble witch is great . Exploring Pippi getting into trouble in the book is another of the great things about this book.

As a girl of a similar age Pippi has a lot braver than your typical ten year old girl . for example Pippi jumped into a big unit that was burning in flames threw a tree to save two little boys at the age of five and three.

Astrid Lindgren has an amazing imagination and discovering this was a great experience .Astrid Lindgren has written over thirty children's books and broadcasted widely on TV and radio reading her books. I think this book was amazing and i would love to go on more adventures with pippi longstockings.