Arab-Israeli Conflict

Second Six Weeks

How It Started

A long time ago, when the Jews traveled from Africa, they settled in Israel, and formed the city of Jerusalem. Afterward, the Babylonians conquered their settlement, until the Jews fought to get it back. A few centuries later the Romans conquered the Jews. The Jews scattered all over Middle East. The Palestinians (Islamic people) came along, and conquered all of Israel. The Palestinians wanted more land, so they attacked the United Nations, a group of Christian countries. The Jews don't have their land, and UN is fighting against the Palestinians. Since the Palestinians are Islamic, the Jews were obviously Jewish, and the UN was Christian, the battle was between the three monotheistic religions. Even after 3000 years the battles between the religions are still going. By World War II The Jews, UN, and the USA were fighting against most of the Middle East.

The Resolution to this Problem

One way to end the fighting between the middle east and the UN, is to sign a peace treaty between them, and any further war between them would be ended. Now for the Jews and the middle east, we can divide Israel in to two countries, They can sign a treaty between them stating that Israel is divided into two countries. And since Jerusalem is an important part of both countries religion, not a single country could own it. They would have to make a treaty, and every country in the middle east would have to sign the treaty. The treaty would state that no country could have Jerusalem due to it's religious significance. If we would make all these treaty it would end the wars going on between the middle east, UN, USA, and the Jews. And with dividing the country Israel in two, the Jews, and the ancestors of the Palestinians would have peace among them, and they both will have some of their religious and historical land back. It would end the problems going on for three thousand years.