1/22/2021 ~ Superintendent's Newsletter ~ 18th Ed.


"It is better to change an opinion than to persist in a wrong one."

~ Socrates


Message from the Superintendent

LESSONS LEARNED FROM BOXERS - the athlete, not the dog!!

If professional boxers were to come up with a list of 'TIPS FOR LIFE' here is one I think they would include.....


As Muhammad Ali said, "The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses -- behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights."

I liken this to a teacher or instructional aide looking at data to inform their lessons, the time spent preparing materials and planning the lessons as well as the time spent growing and learning in their pedagogy.

I liken this to a food service employee planning the menu for the month, placing the order and preparing the meal that is found on the serving line at noon.

I liken this to the grounds worker who has a copy of the baseball schedule in his truck and ensures all aspects of the field, bleachers and grounds are ready to host and play a game.

In a nutshell, preparation is key to greater success and maybe a little less stress because you have put in some pre-work. You are better able to fix problems before they even happen when you are prepared. Preparation also leads to confidence in oneself and from others - it is special when someone can depend on your preparation.


Tanner Reaves Signing Day

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Tanner Reaves, BHS Senior, has committed to playing baseball for Grayson College beginning in the Fall of 2021.

Tanner is currently a member of the Varsity Boys Basketball and Varsity Boys Baseball teams. He is a Purple Warrior through and through, serving as Warham earlier in the year!

I wish Tanner all the best and a successful collegiate baseball career!


I.W. Evans Spelling Bee


School Board Appreciation Month

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I Have Tested Positive for COVID (in the past) & I Have Been In Close Contact with a Lab-Confirmed Individual............. What Now?

According to the CDC, available evidence suggests that most people who recover from COVID-19 will have a degree of immunity for at least three months. The short-term risk of reinfection (within 90 days) appears to be low. However, sporadic cases of reinfection have been documented.

If this person has a new exposure to someone with confirmed COVID-19 during that three month period and continues to follow current safety measures to prevent transmission (i.e. use of face covering, social distancing, handwashing), then that person does not require quarantine or repeat testing after the exposure. However, if they develop new symptoms consistent with COVID-19 within 14 days of the new exposure, consultation with a healthcare provider is recommended.


Dawn Nichols Sworn In as Board Member for Place 6

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Mrs. Nichols was sworn in Tuesday, January 19th at a Special Board Meeting. She was appointed to Place 6 which was vacant due to the resignation of the previous board member. Mrs. Nichols has served as a BISD Trustee in the past and will temporarily fill the position until the May Election.



Since I am so proud of these, here are a few more .....


What is Going on Next Week??

Sat. Jan. 23 – BHS B BB @ North Lamar – 10:00

Sat. Jan. 23 – BHS G Soccer @ Anna – 10:00

Sat. Jan. 23 – BHS B Soccer @ Anna – 11:45

Mon. Jan. 25 – BHS G Powerlifting @ Wolfe City – 5:00

Tues. Jan. 26 – BHS B BB @ Home – 4:40

Tues. Jan. 26 – BHS G BB @ Home – 6:15

Wed. Jan. 27 – BHS G Soccer @ Home – 5:30

Wed. Jan. 27 – BHS B Soccer @ Home – 7:15

Thurs. Jan. 28 – LHR G BB @ Leonard – 4:30

Thurs. Jan. 28 – LHR B BB @ Home – 4:30

Thurs. Jan. 28 – BHS B Powerlifting @ Wolfe City – 5:00

Fri. Jan. 29 – BHS B BB @ Pottsboro – 4:30

Fri. Jan. 29 – BHS G BB @ Pottsboro – 6:15

Sat. Jan. 30 – BHS G Soccer @ Community – 1:00

Sat. Jan. 30 – BHS B Soccer @ Community – 2:30


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