Wind: wind is a renewable resourse

Seth watson

WIND were can it be found?

Wind can be found in alot of places. Wind is found at any place were water meets land. An example would be at the beach thats why its so windy at the beach

WIND how can wind make energy?

Wind can make energy through somthing called a turbin. A turbine is an big devise that has blades that catch the wind. there is alot of wireing and stuff but all that wireing is connected to a generator. The generator is what makes all the power to a small community. If you wanted to use it for a town you would need multiple turbins.

Who uses it ?

A hole comunity can use wind to power there houses. But if you wanted to power the multiple houses you need more than one turbin.

Is it expensive?

Wind is not expensive at all its accually free but the object used to get energy through wind is very expensive. Some turbins can cost as much as 80,000 dollars