Migration Vocabulary

By: Michael Ozymy

Economic Pull Factor

Example: Dallas Texas has more job opportunities and better salaries then Nebraska does. Therefore more people are inclined to move to Dallas. This relates because the job opportunities "pulls" people toward the Dallas area.

Cultural Push Factor

Example: In 1800s the western portion of Africa was experiencing extreme migration. Europeans would come and capture and force many natives into slavery. This forced them to migrate out of the area to more eastern parts of the continent.

Cultural Pull Factor

Example: In the early 15th century puritans started to migrate from Europe to the newly discovered North America. They did this in search for a place to expand their religon and have a place to worship freely.

International Refugees

Immigrants from the middle east that are fleeing to the USA and Europe to escape ISIS and many other threats. Once they reach their destination they have little money and no were to go.

Internal Refugees

Someone that losses a job and then in turn loses his or her house and most all of their possessions. After all of this they stay in the same region and look for better opportunities.

Restricted Emigration

People in North Korea are not allowed to leave their communist county unless they have a special reason approved by the government. The government restricts citizens travel in and out of the country.

Environmental Push Fator

In 1845-1852 the Irish people were strongly motivated to leave their homelands during the potato famine. This cut their food supplies in half forcing many citizens to flee in search of better conditions.

Environmental Pull Factor

The beaches of florida present a very popular climate and view. This motivates people (Mostly retired people) to migrate to this area. So the beaches are "pulling" people to a more promising retirement.