My True Colors

Rachel Nanney 2nd hour


When I was younger, I did not find any fun in school so school was harder for me. I learned by doing things rather than listening and reading


I like relationship with shared activities and interests.


I get bored and restless with jobs that are routine and structured

Leadership Style

I take a flexible approach and welcome change

Bad Day

When I am having a bad day I tend to be rude, defiance, and break the rules intentionally
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Which were not like me?

Three not like me were, on a bad day to run away, lie, and cheat, also in leadership, I do not expect people to make it fun.

What kind of job fits my personality?

In my opinion, a type of manger job would be best.

How might your color affect you at work?

I would get bored easily and be upset when my employees weren't working. But, I would like change and allow others to express their opinions