Bearcat Brief

April 27, 2018

Notes from Niki

I cannot compliment you and our students enough on how well testing is going. I think starting with everyone testing on the 16th set the tone and then minimizing the disruption and shortening the individual session times by testing in class periods has made it feel less stressful for kids. I hope that feeling is the same in the adults. I welcome feedback as to your thoughts about how it went.

Maranda and I have gotten some feedback from colleagues on the Science test, and it is looking like the projected times from the state are hugely underestimated. It is taking many kids a lot longer than the 45 minutes DESE said it would. We will have a special schedule on Monday to get the first session (hopefully) completely done and then finish up session 2 the rest of the week. The times are below and there is a link to the google sheet with the details of where kids should be.

May is on the doorstep. With that comes lots of excitement and lots of events for the end of the school year. Please take a look at the End of the Year events Google Doc and/or the upcoming events below so you don't miss something.

GLA Testing Schedule for Monday, April 30

7:59- 8:09 Advisory

8:00-8:58- 5th Grade Specials

9:00- ??- 5th Grade Science Session 1

8:10- 9:40 8th Grade Science Session 1 in Schwenck, Brethorst, Landolt, Engemann

8:10-9:40- 7th Grade Activity Rotations- Dann, Brethorst, Hosick, McKague/Buschmann; Specials teachers join after 5th Grade goes back to class at 9:00

9:44- 10:24- 1st Hour

10:28- 11:08- 2nd Hour

11:12-11:33- A Lunch

11:35-11:55- 5th Grade Lunch

11:37- 12:17- A 4th Hour

11:12- 11:52- B 4th Hour

11:56- 12:17- B Lunch

12:21- 1:01- 3rd Hour

1:05- 1:45- 5th Hour

1:49- 2:29- 6th Hour

2:33- 3:15- 7th Hour

Testing Groups for 8th Grade and Activities Rotation for 7th Grade are in this document:

Professional Reading/ Resources:

Upcoming Events


April 26- 27- Algebra I EOC, Jeremy's class will eat first lunch these days and will test in the computer lab. Maranda, Crystal or I will help to cover kids who test beyond the hour.

April 27- SOM assembly- we might need to make a change depending on testing

April 28- 7/8 Grade Track @Pacific


May 2- 8th- Grade Cardinal Game

May 3- 7/8 Grade Track @ Union

May 4- Special Olympics

Please park in the back of the building or as close to the bus barn end as possible on this day. High School students will be parking down here to free up spaces closer to the track. We anticipate a large crowd.

May 7-11- Teacher Appreciation Week

May 7- Band Concert

May 8- HMS Honor Society Induction

May 10- School Board Meeting, 6:00

May 11- 8th-Grade Barbeque and Promotion Ceremony Rehearsal

May 11- 8th-Grade Promotion Ceremony, 6:00 p.m.

May 15- 7th and 8th Grade Enrichment Fair, 5:00 p.m.

May 15- Choir Concert, 7:00 p.m.

May 16- Make-Up Day for weather

May 16- 6th Grade Awards, 8:15 a.m.

May 16- 5th Grade Awards, 9:15 a.m.

May 17- Make-Up Day for weather, Last Day of School for students

May 17- 7th and 8th Grade Awards

May 18- Last contracted day for teachers