HIV/AIDS in Heterosexual Men

Mariel Castronova

What are the specific dangers for this population?

HIV/AIDS attacks the T-cells in body, leaving for a weak immune system. Since 2010, 1,300 white and 5,300 black heterosexual women have contacted HIV in most affected subpopulations. 2,700 black heterosexual men carry HIV/AIDS This leaves a greater chance for heterosexual men to contract the infection through sex.

How has the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS changed for this population over the past several years?

Contraceptives, such as condoms, are now provided more than ever and can help protect against many STI's. More people have contractd HIV, but there is better technology to now help prevent it. However more people have it as time goes on since there is no cure.

What behaviors put this population at risk for HIV/AIDS?

Woman and men can both contract HIV, leaving it possible for anyone at risk. Heterosexual men must be careful who they choose to have sex with. Whether it be oral, vaginal, or anal sex puts this population at risk for HIV/AIDS .

How could members of this population change their behavior to avoid getting or spreading HIV/AIDS?

Abstinence is always the best option to protect oneself against STI's 100% effectively. One may choose to refrain from sex or continue and use contraceptives. Condoms are the best alternative. It is important to not chare needles for any purpose, such as injection drugs. Since the epidemic, almost 85,000 people with AIDS infected through heterosexual sex have died, included almost 4,003 in 2010. Nearly 182,000 injection drug users with AIDS have died, including 4,218 in 2010.