The Viking Voyage

Come Raid With Us: Emily Briggler & Hunter Watkins

The Viking Voyage

Sunday, Feb. 21st, 5:30am to Sunday, May 22nd, 6pm

England, United Kingdom


This is a three month journey across the North Sea to get to the East coast of England. We are going to leave in late winter for an arrival in early spring. Each recruit must have the following.

  • Each person must be a ferocious, bloodthirsty, and savage warrior with a strong desire to be in control.
  • You must provide your own weapons. Shields, long swords, and axes are requirements.
  • Clothing for both winter and spring must be brought along and will not be provided.
  • Respect for the chief is key and if the voyage is a success you will receive a great reward of 2% of all profits including land, jewelry, gold, precious stones, slaves, and money. On this trip we expect to return with great riches so 2% is a very generous amount. If the riad fails no payment will be received no matter how well one has fought.
Only 22 more recruits are needed for this voyage so a small competition will be held to decide who will accompany us on this journey.

Competition Date

Saturday, Feb. 13th, 6:15am-10:45pm

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark

The competition will be held in the very center of Copenhagen where a training area will be set up. The competition will last all day and the chosen recruits will be announced that night at 10:45. The competition will have a series of events that test one's skills, strength, and intelligence. Each recruit must be the best of the best succeeding in all categories of the tests.
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