Radial, Symmetrical, Asymmetrical

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Symmetrical Balance

Looking at just the trash cans, water fountains, and garbage can, is a symmetrical scene. Symmetrical means that if you were to put a line straight down the middle of the picture, each side would look exactly the same.
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The trash cans and table onto the left balance out the large iPad lockers(?) on the right.

Asymmetrical means if you were to put a line down the middle of the room it would NOT be exactly the same, but still achieve balance.

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This room is radial because the desks are focused on the main, middle desk (where the book cart is). Radial valence is achieved when the room is based on one point.

My favorite Balence

My favorite balance is Asymmetrical because it allows the decorator to be creative with keeping balance, but not EVERYTHING has to be EXACTLY the same, unlike symmetrical.