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Nebraska Newsletter - February 2014 - Ed. 1

Hello Nebraska Common Sense Media Users-

WELCOME to our newsletter!! It is our hope at Common Sense Media this will improve our inter-district partnerships with better communication and increased visibility on current happenings/opportunities.

We are half way through the 2013-2014 school year, and over 120,000 educators (including over 1,500 teachers and 853 schools in Nebraska) are teaching safe and smart online behavior with the free lessons and resources from Common Sense Media.

Kudos go out the Nebraska Digital Citizenship Symposium ESU affiliates for inclusion of Common Sense Media in the event. Additional shout-outs to Ashland-Greenwood High School and Milford Public High School for having Common Sense Media present to students and increase digital literacy awareness during their fall career days!!

Have you been integrating Common Sense Media resources into your school, district or lessons plans? Let us know so we can recognize your dedication and commitment!

New editions will be created and shared highlighting the most recent updates and opportunities - Stay Tuned!


You can have customized Common Sense Media trainings to support your digital literacy campaign and mission. New trainings may include focusing on transformative applications of technology in education or creating an interactive framework to flow digital tools throughout your existing lessons.

Please consider having CSM as a possible professional training event in your ESU or school.

Spring 2014 Opportunities / Pilot Programs

Certified Educators and Signature Schools Program

Hundreds of Nebraska educators are diligently teaching digital citizenship in their curriculum. Do you know educators who teach several Common Sense Media lessons to students? They can earn special recognition by applying to be a Digital Citizenship Certified Common Sense Educator or Signature School.

All of the above mentioned Online Assessment Pilot teachers met criteria for a Certified Educator, and if they delivered the pilot to 2 grade levels, their school meets Signature Status. If you and your colleagues are delivering CSM resources, connect with me to see if you and your building meet the criteria!

GoPro Video Pilot!!!

GoPro is getting into education!!!

If you know an educator who uses video in the classroom and wants to add a unique view using a GoPro camera, Common Sense will be unveiling a pilot project with GoPro. Ambitious educators can submit an application for the project – winning entries will get classroom GoPro cameras.

This application is due February 17.

Contact me NOW for a flyer and more info on this AWESOME opportunity

Announcing Common Sense Media's Graphite Certified Educator Program

Earn recognition and join an extraordinary group of educators who are deeply knowledgable about, and actively using a range of technologies with students.

Are you ready to share valuable insights with a global audience? Apply today to be a part of this exciting program.

Throughout the year you will share your insights and reviews on apps, websites, and games, and write a blog post. You’ll receive $25 to purchase apps and a $150 gift card when you’ve completed the year’s requirements.

To find out if you qualify and to learn more, visit

Graphite also includes a customizable framework that redefines the traditional lesson plan to intentionally integrate digital tools with each phase of gradual release lessons.

This program will have several incentives (monetary and other). A flyer and application with more information ll be coming in February. If you would like to be among the first in Nebraska to Get Inspired and try this App Flow framework and share your feedback, please contact me.

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See more info on graphite certified program

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