Keisha Reeves

The Experience Curator

Who Is Keisha Reeves?

Keisha "Kei" Reeves, The Experience Curator, has an M.B.A. in Business Management and holds the belief that to succeed as an entrepreneur, one must hold multiple streams of viable income. Kei is the owner of several brands and also holds a successful career as a Senior Project Manager Consultant in the Healthcare Industry overseeing projects with tight timelines and million dollar budgets.

As a result of living a life filled with rough beginnings and an array of setbacks, through guidance and survival skills she found a path to a successful career, sustaining home life and turned her life around for the betterment of her children. In turn, Kei (under the pen name of Kei Renae) penned a book entitled “Single Moms Rock! How to Survive and Thrive as a Single Mom”; a how-to guide for single mothers trying to navigate. This book is available on

Through life and maintain their sanity while raising their children on their own. A difficult task but with Ms. Reeves’ book, the journey can be both rewarding and fulfilling. A passion of Kei's is to help women of color realize and celebrate their inner and outer beauty. For this reason, she founded the New Jersey Natural Hair and Beauty Expo; an annual event that promotes health, wellness, and beauty amongst the African American community.

Kei also organizes other events for women and entrepreneurs throughout the year and teaches entrepreneurs how to earn additional income by holding their own events. Kei is also the Founder of Keirenae Hair & Body.With one mindset, never stop dreaming, Kei continues to capitalize on her dreams and assist other entrepreneurs along the way.

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I aim to create experiences and events that attendees remember for years to come.

What is Keirenae?

We are a hair and body product care and lifestyle company based in New Jersey. All of our products are hand made and crafted with love. Our products are intended to keep women smelling and feeling good! Made from natural and organic ingredients we care about what you use on your hair and body.

We as women wear many hats and we never take time out for ourselves. As a woman, I understand that our mood may change from day to day or even moment to moment. My mood based products were meant to capture and caress a woman's mood at any given time. When you use my products, I want you to live in the moment and own it!

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The New Jersey Natural Hair & Beauty Expo (NJNHBE) is committed to providing New Jersey and the surrounding tri-state area with an event that allows them to learn more about their natural hair and beauty, promotes self-love and mental wellness!

Get Ready for a day of:

  • Shopping with 40 plus vendors- showcasing products and services which cater to women of color.
  • Natural Hair Panels and Q&A.
  • Natural Hair Demonstration from Elaine Hair & Body.
  • Expert Health and Wellness Discussions.
  • Product Swap! Bring your gently used natural hair products and swap them for others' gently used natural products!