Much Ado About Nothing

By: Shakespeare


Dave Franco should play Claudio because Claudio is young and inferred to be a handsome man. Dave looks to have a soft exterior, but like Claudio, once someone makes them mad, they will show it. Also Claudio is a fighter so most likely in good shape like Dave.


Hero is portrayed to be this beautiful virgin that is looking for love, Jessica Alba fits the role. She is pretty and young and also looks innocent, which is needed to play Hero. She could be the victim of someone being jealous of Hero for having such great looks, but also coming of as kind.

Don John

Now, Don John is a different sort of character, he needs to look like he wouldn't do much, but also always have that edge. This is Adam Scott because he doesn't look innocent, yet he wouldn't be your first choice as to who would plan to ruin a marriage. Don john is the villain without the mask and Adam Scott is that man.
Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do (Official Video)


The play and this song have one huge thing in common and that is the theme of love. Love is throughout the play and is not just between on couple, but two. Claudio and Hero may of had a bumpy start, but the finish was miraculous consisting of a perfect wedding. Their love would have been sufficient enough, but Benedick and Beatrice contributed tom the conversation. They would never fully admit to the two lovers actually falling in love, but rather putting each other in the Friend zone, which everyone new was the wrong place to be. This song is all about loving another person as much as one another and the characters in Much Ado about Nothing reached that point.