Thailand security

Very necessary in Thailand

Thailand security: very necessary in Thailand

Thailand is a country which faces security problems. This country, located in the south eastern corner of the continent of Asia has been a place of target by terrorists. Since earliest times this country, previously known by the name of Siam, has witnessed many attacks by different terrorist groups. Some of these attackers are terrorists from different other countries. However, most attacks in Thailand are by terrorist groups of Thailand itself. There are also many inter-religion fights, or fights between two or more different religions in Thailand. Fights between different clans of people are also predominant in this country called Thailand. There are also different fights and rallies and attacks between different political parties or groups. All these make real threat to the security and safety of Thailand.

It has already been said in the previous introductory paragraph that the country of Thailand faces different attacks by different groups. The population of this country consists of 95% Buddhists. Thus attacks by people of other religions are quite common in this country of Thailand. These attacks have become a serious threat to Thailand security. So Thailand security systems need to be very improved in order to protect the people of different religions from attacks from other religions.

Apart from the fights and attacks by different groups of people of different religions there are also other attacks in Thailand. As for example on 2nd May, 2013, some gunmen attacked a shop in Thailand. It was a village shop located in southern Thailand. That attack resulted in the death of six men including a child. This attack made it clear that the Thailand security guards need to be much more careful about their duty, they need to be working more efficiently towards Thailand security.

So Thailand security guards are always necessary in every part of the country in order to prevent attacks like that of 2nd May. Before 2nd May, there was another massive attack in southern Thailand. At a place called Hat Yai, in southern Thailand, a bomb blast killed 3 policemen. This resulted as a very severe shock to the Thailand police department. The attack made it clear that the Thailand security systems must be more advanced to stop such attacks. At a place called Pattani, a roadside attack killed five paramilitary rangers and also severely injured many others. This attack was on 25th May 2013.