Music Problem

Music Problem?

Have you ever wanted to play an instrument, but couldn’t decide which instrument to play? Then listen up because I have 3 reasons why you should play a strings instrument; they are light weighted, to play with ease, and finally to play higher and lower or in Italian piano and forte.

Light weight

Reason 1:

Most string instruments are light weighted. Being light weighted can easily be picked up by anyone’s hand or settled down. Some instruments such as violins are meant to be put on your shoulder or placed under your arm such as a guitar, so being light can help you play on your shoulder or anywhere else easily. However, instruments that are meant to be stood up can be easily picked and moved because of its light weight even if it is quite large.

Play with ease

Reason 2:

String instruments are instruments not to be meant to be blown into, but to be played with ease. That means you shouldn’t play the strings instrument with too much stress. When you play you should relax and follow through and when you are calm then you would start to play more at ease instead of being too nervous.

Forte & Piano

Reason 3:

String instruments can all go louder in pitch which is called forte or softer in pitch which is called piano. On an orchestra instrument you can make it louder in pitch by moving your bow closer to the bridge and using your lower part of the bow. If you want to make a softer sound you just need to do the opposite; move your bow farther from the bridge but not in the middle and use you upper half of your bow. It would make a soft gentle sound depending how much weight you put into your bow. If you don’t want to play an orchestra instrument then try the classic piano. The classic piano can also go louder or softer in pitch by putting a certain amount of weight into the key so the more weight or pressure you put into the key a louder and more shaking sound you get which is called forte, but if you press the key with less effort or less pressure the softer there would be less sound and that is called piano.