The Most Interesting Man

Justinian is the greatest emperor of all time.

Justinian's Conquests

Justinian's conquests: Justinian wanted to reunite the Roman Empire to bring back Rome's glory. To do so he had to conquer Western Europe and Northern Africa. He ordered a general named Belisarius. Belisarius utilized the Byzantine army by making the soldiers mount on horses. The army wore armor and held bows and lances, which were long spears. The Byzantine army conquered most of Italy and Northern Africa and defeated the Persians in the east.
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Justinian's Law Code

Law code: Justinian decided that the law was disorganized and difficult to understand. He ordered a group of legal scholars to reform the law code. The group simplified the code and then became known as the Justinian Code. Now officials, businessmen, and individuals could now understand the law easier.

Justinian's Architecture

Justinian's Architecture: Justinian built over 30 churches in the capital of Constantinople and both ecclesiastical and secular buildings throughout the empire. Such as the Hagia Sophia, the "Holy Wisdom" Church located in Istanbul.

Woman's Rights

He introduced new laws such as, women's rights. A Byzantine wife could now own land. If she became a widow, income from the land would help take care of her own.

The Emperor that Never Sleeps

Justinian conquered Western Europe and Northern Africa. He also made the law code simpler so businesspeople, officials, and individuals could understand the law easier. He also built 30 churches in Constanolpe. So maybe this is why some people call him "The emperor that never sleeps."
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