By: Jordan McNeil


The things required for a civilization and cities , writing , religion. A culture must have a city that holds and supports more than 5,00 people. The requirements for civilization should be Urban revolution because it increased settlement sizes. New political and military structures is also required.
The requirements of a civilization each new group of people to move into religion or took first role of the government , certain aspects of the civilization in Mesopotamia stayed the same.
The importance of Hammurabi was because he was an ancient Babylonian king. He created the first written set of law using the written language. In Hammurabi mind he didn't care if you where rich or poor you still had to follow the law. So everyone was excepted to obey the laws Hammurabi made.


The laws I think are Interesting are the prologue , the epilogue , laws 1 through 50 , laws 101 through 150 , law 201 through 250 . I like these because they where useful and because some are able to execute measurements with the best speed and accuracy.


Gilgamesh is a story and its old and recorded. The stories was about a king of Uruk , according to these stories Gilgamesh was not a hero. He was part god and part human... He was a superhero !