5 Themes of Geography in Austin, TX

Exploring Austin, TX while learning about geography!


A location is an exact place where a feature is found. And example of a location is
1400 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX
At that location, you can find a restaurant called Hopdoddy. A unique, and delicious burger joint!

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A place describes the features of a location. An example of a place is the pyramids in Quintana Roo, Mexico, called Chichen Itza. These pyramids have qualities such as heat, humidity, and tropical.

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Human environment interaction

Human environment interaction is how humans live WITH the Earth, and not ON it. An example of human environment interaction is the Mansfield Dam, located in West Austin.

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Movement is how and why people, plants, animals, and ideas move through time and space. An example of movement in Austin is the smart car rental system. It's extremely convenient for tourists, and allows people to explore all around the city at their own pace!

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Region is an area that has the same physical features and characteristics. An example of a region in Austin, is the Hill Country. Full of winding scenery, hills, cedar trees, and lots of different species of animals and plants!

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